Qubicon & Reunify feat. Yoshi Breen - Utopia

ZOUK214 - February 17th, 2014

With today’s sound turning to the harder, faster pace more and more, Turkish duo Qubicon and Russian producer Reunify decided it was time for a new approach. With ‘Utopia’ ft. Yoshi Breen, they make a welcome return to warm melody, energy and catchy hooks.

A team-up of Turkish producers Faruk Sabanci and Emrah Is, guising under Qubicon, is the latest promise in dance land. Musically bonding with rising talent Dmitry Solomkin, better known as Reunify, they make an impressive debut on Armada’s ZOUK. A unique piece of music that’s clearly made with passion, stuck in your head in no time.


  1. Utopia (Radio Edit) (03:39)
  2. Utopia (Original Mix) (05:39)