2 Faced Funks - Blizzard / Wednesdays

ZOUK204 - August 26th, 2013

Their identity may remain a secret, but their production skills sure ain't! The pink masked 2 Faced Funks duo has shown you time and again: knowing how to rock you is their expertise. To refresh your mind, they kick in with the big-room duo of 'Wednesdays' and 'Blizzard'!

The pink spark of the 2 Faced Funks has blazed a trail of energetic beats, melodic flavours and eclectic house. The Dutch duo brings a follow-up to 'Kingdom', 'All I Need' and 'Life Is A Casino'. Or in fact, they bring two!

From the banging beats and break-beat infusion of 'Blizzard' to the melodic and uplifting melodies of 'Wednesdays', this'll be another E.P. to remember!


  1. Blizzard (Extended Mix) (05:50)
  2. Wednesdays (Extended Mix) (06:58)
  3. Blizzard (Radio Edit) (02:56)
  4. Wednesdays (Radio Edit) (02:52)