Simon, Shaker and Teramik - Faces EP

Simon, Shaker and Teramik - Faces EP

ST012 - October 5th, 2009

The 'Plastic Upgrades EP' has yet to fade into the background music, but a new Teramik release is already there to keep things fresh. Spanish beat-masters Simon Garcia & Karim Shaker once again show us how the Spanish mentality works. Their deep, close to lazy tech-house tracks have received support ever since the first beats saw the crowd whipping into a frenzy. It's a sound that works, no matter if they make it more uplifting, techier, or stick to groovy all the way.

Their Teramik releases stick to the deep progressive tech-house sound though. A musical triptych, consisting of 'South Face', 'North Face' and 'Jalisco', are part of the 'Faces EP'. They all have that fine groove with mysterious touch to it, yet non of them sound the same. Simon & Shaker have many faces, and they've yet to reveil all of them.


  1. South Face (Original Mix) (06:59)
  2. North Face (Original Mix) (07:52)
  3. Jalisco (Original Mix) (06:46)