Dumb Dan - Dumb Chant

SBM055 - September 6th, 2010

Swedish producer Daniel 'Dumb Dan' Lindeberg had done it again. This skilled DJ and producer has a keen ear for electronic, underground weirdness and floor-destroying stormers. After his contagious 'Light Are Low', he returns to the Stoney Boy label with another addiction: 'Dumb Chant'. There's only one cure for this one: dance, get down and chant along.

A remarkable house track, funkiliciously rump-shaking and pumping things up with an exhilarant bassline. A catchy loop of a vocal line, giving a cheeky nod to all those on the floor. Chant along to this summer-minded piece of musical madness!


  1. Dumb Chant (Original Mix) (06:18)
  2. Dumb Chant (Radio Edit) (02:25)
  3. Dumb Chant (Bonus Beats) (02:23)
  4. Dumb Chant (Acapella Tool) (02:15)