York & JPL - Nightmare

PTL013 - February 11th, 2013

Ever stretching the curve of his musical creativity, York provides a new swing for lovers of his sound. In collaboration with the talented producer Joni Lungqvist, he gives us ‘Nightmare’.

Living the island life has inspired Torsten Stenzel in many ways. He’s got the fire of EDM burning for more than twenty years and recently brought us the outstanding ‘Islanders’ album.

With masterpieces like ‘Nightmare’ to keep us awake, we’re more than happy that there’s still no end in sight to the York project.

Together with the gifted Swedish talent Joni Lungqvist, better known as JPL, he sets a high standard for the next summer tunes to land. ‘Nightmare’ is deep, dreamy and simply sends you off to a bounty island, far, far away. More of a dream, we’d say! 


  1. Nightmare (York Club Mix) (05:33)
  2. Nightmare (JPL Club Mix) (07:16)
  3. Nightmare (York Club Mix Edit) (03:57)
  4. Nightmare (JPL Club Mix Edit) (04:07)
  5. Nightmare (York's Album Mix) (06:32)