Fish From Japan vs Pien Feith - Hustle

MR008 - December 9th, 2013

Coming up from the depths of the house scene Fish From Japan are a collective of producers, DJs and vocalists with a penchant for creating forward thinking electronic music for the feet and the ears.

The disparate characters behind Fish From Japan have led varied and exotic life in and out of music.

Coming together, usually at short notice they splice and weld elements drawn from their many musical influences.

The result is their unique strain of hook heavy, funk rich house. 'Hustle', the act's debut, features Dutch avante garde electronic songstress Pien Feith.

Her unusual and striking vocals feel right at home on the stripped, dark groove of this old school influenced beat.


  1. Hustle (Original Mix) (05:45)
  2. Hustle (Dub Mix) (05:14)
  3. Hustle (Radio Edit) (02:48)