Various Artists - Coldharbour 100: The Best of Coldharbour Remixed Part 2

CLHR104 - October 4th, 2010

Duplicated from (Coldharbour Recordings (Armada Music) Various Artists "Coldharbour 100: The Best of Coldharbour Remixed Part 2") It has been a summer of milestones and celebrations for Markus Schulz's Coldharbour Recordings imprint, passing the 100 mark and yet again being regarded as one of the forefront labels in trance today.

At the beginning of the summer, Markus was engaged with the task of recruiting talent whose purpose was to revive 10 of the biggest tracks amongst the Coldharbour back catalogue, and produce some headline-grabbing modern day remixes for 2010.

With Part 1 of the celebration already in the books, let us present to you the remaining 5 tracks from Coldharbour 100.

Hammer & Bennett - Language (Phynn Remix)

Fewer tracks on the Coldharbour label hold such an iconic status more than German duo Mario Hammer & Andrew Bennett's collaboration from late 2004. One of the highlights of Markus' Miami '05 compiltion, and boasting some stellar remixes already from Elevation and Santiago Nino, there was one person Markus specifically had in mind when it came to reviving this beautiful track and priming it for the busy festival season.

Step up one of the undoubted heroes of Coldharbour in 2010, Mr. Finne Jager.

The US-based Dutchman has played a crucial role in Markus' liveset big room moments over the past 12 months. And with Language, he serves up a powerful and devasting energetic remix which has delighted crowds from Electric Zoo in New York to Nature One in Germany. Many fans have cited this as the biggest remix out of all Coldharbour 100 efforts, and once again shows why Phynn is firmly on the top of his game right now.

Mike Foyle presents Statica - Space Guitar (Aaron Camz Remix)

One of the purposes of Coldharbour 100 was to not only reminisce about tracks from the past, but also to give the opportunity to breakthrough producers to showcase their talents in a high profile package.

Melbourne's Aaron Camz is the latest talent to emerge from Australia, impressing Markus with his tough and tech-filled vibe that works perfectly in a live setting. Those who attended Markus' annual solo-night affair at Amnesia in Ibiza recently were greeted to its debut, and it has gone on to feature in the World Tour broadcast from Toronto's Labour of Love. Mike's debut under his Statica alias still gathers strong affection today, but this will be a remix that is sure to stick around as we reach the winter months.

Funabashi - Daylight (Estiva Remix)

The summer of 2005 will be remembered for the debut of German duo Tom Porcell and Kevin Sieja under their Funabashi alias - the starting point to them becoming one of the stellar Coldharbour names in the label's history. Never remixed before by anyone, another of the outstanding producers of the past couple of years was asked to apply his touch, and he certainly didn't disappoint.

Dutchman Steven Baan emphasises some of the most beautiful melodies in progressive trance, and his take on Daylight has been greatly received on the Global DJ Broadcast, pulling in the Global Selection spotlight in its first attempt. A definite highlight of the 2010 Ibiza Summer Sessions season, the name of Estiva, and his attachment to Funabashi's wonderful production, will remind us all of those warm and sunnier climes.

Mr. Pit - Shana (DNS Project Remix)

Romanian Adrian Ivan is now regarded as one of the staple producers for Coldharbour Recordings, but his big breakthrough came back in 2008 with the release of the beautiful "Shana". When originally released, it was the tough and throbbing Duderstadt Progressive Dub that caused mayhem on dancefloors worldwide, so it therefore opened the door for Markus to establish a more uplifting interpretation of the original.

And in doing so, he gives a Coldharbour Recordings debut to Estonian Rene Pais, better known as DNS Project. Recently debuted on Global DJ Broadcast, it received a rapturous response from the listeners on first listen, and is sure to feature on the show and in Markus' livesets over the coming months. Tough and uncompromising; yet possessing plenty of uplifting goodness, it is a remix which will be picked up by many other top names and playlists.

Lentos - Forget About Us (tyDi Remix)

And finally, we come to one of the biggest tracks that graced Coldharbour in 2009, the already iconic "Forget About Us" by Austrians Barnes & Heatcliff under their more melodic Lentos alias, although it was the B&H remix that devastated dancefloors due to its power, and still does today!

The task of remixing this resulted in Markus recruiting another Australian talent, but this one is much more well known to Coldharbour followers, especially for those who have watched his growth since the throbbing "Russia" was released on the label in 2008. Tyson Illingworth under his tyDi moniker has grown to become one of the future stars of the scene, with his unique style receiving plenty of plaudits. It's much the same with his remix of Forget About Us, one that will continue to please his fans.

This wraps up the 2010 Summer of Schulz stand, and brings the Coldharbour 100 celebrations to a close. And with these 5 remixes, they will be regularly present on radio and in the clubs for some time yet.