8 Wonders - The Return / Fading Memories / Eventuality / Life Goes On

ASOT111 - November 3rd, 2008

Like a lean mean producer machine, Arnej is releasing one hot track after another. This time he's back with his 8 Wonders guise and brings us 4 beauties of trancers, ready to blow that dust off your speakers.

His deep and profound sound is loved by many and gives us a good view on how diverse this guy's inspiration is. 'The Return' is the most moody track of this pack, with a dark twist and unexpected deep break with a proggy feel. 'Fading Memories' works with emotions, with the sensitive piano as a leading path and a melodramatic yet uplifting touch to cover it up. 'Eventuality' combines the old trance sound we know from the late nineties with Arnej's new and developed characteristic style of producing with a stirring track as the result. As a bonus, you get the diverse 'Life Goes On', that sounds exactly the way playful trance should sound like. 8 Wonders has performed another miracle.


Armin van Buuren: Huge EP! My favorite is the Return!

M8Mag: Great sounds and full support! The return is the one for me.

John O'Callaghan: The Return gets my support!

M.I.K.E. : Eventuality for me!

Mark Pledger: Loving Unspoken Truth!

DJ Shah: Fading Memories gets my support

Signum: Great release by 8 wonders! Supporting 3 out of 4!!


  1. Eventuality (Original Mix) (08:08)
  2. Fading Memories (Original Mix) (08:33)
  3. Life Goes On (Original Mix) (07:10)
  4. The Return (Original Mix) (07:37)