Various Artists - Armada Night - The After

ARDI1753 - September 12th, 2010

We’ve got new memories to cherish. This Saturday, you guys have partied hard and enjoyed the sounds of Tenishia, Ørjan Nilsen, DJ RAM and ElSandro in the Amsterdam Westerunie. The third Dutch edition of Armada Night was another outstanding party with a great atmosphere. By releasing a special ‘Armada Night – The After’ compilation, we’d like to thank you for making this event another one to remember!

The perfect after-party to all this, unfolds on ‘Armada Night – The After’, featuring tracks by John O’Callaghan, Dash Berlin, Lang & Yep, Aly & Fila and of course the latest productions of Tenishia, Ørjan Nilsen, RAM and ElSandro. With this 20-track compilation, you host your very own afterparty!