Dabruck & Klein featuring Ollie James - I Found Love

ZOUK117 - December 5th, 2011

A new love rushes through the speakers, combining the flowing prog-house beats of Dabruck & Klein with the distinctive, warm voice of singer Ollie James. 'I Found Love' is the next big thing to make you feel good!

With their '2:48 AM' debut album compiling more than a decade of creating music together, it's clear that producers Stefan Dabruck and Frank Klein are well attuned to each other. From their unrivalled remix-skills heard on the second volume of 'Hands On Armada' to singles 'Heartbeat', 'I've Got My Pride (Hold My Head High)', 'Freak' and the latest theme, '2:48 AM', each track is a well-balanced piece of musical art. Same goes for 'I Found Love', a soulful and warm tune with a catchy hook, feel-good melody and perfect flow of prog-house.

The deep, rough-edged remix of DJ Eako, housy peak-time Dirty Dansk interpretation, or 80's disco-inspired remix of Tonka, will also get you moving, no doubt!


  1. I Found Love (Original Mix) (07:44)
  2. I Found Love (Tonka Remix) (05:33)
  3. I Found Love (Tonka Instrumental) (05:19)
  4. I Found Love (Dirty Dansk Remix) (06:21)
  5. I Found Love (DJ Eako Remix) (06:06)
  6. I Found Love (Radio Edit) (03:29)
  7. I Found Love (Tonka Radio Mix) (03:18)