Carl Nunes & Jake Shanahan feat. Shaun Frank - We Are

TRCR015 - February 25th, 2013

An international affair strikes down on Trice Recordings. Keeping the fire of rocking house and blazing electro red hot, are producers Carl Nunes and Jake Shanahan, who team up with The Envy lead-singer Shaun Frank. Enjoy the contagious 'We Are'!

Uniting the musical minds of American producer Jake Shanahan, Guatemalan producer Carl Nunes and Canadian singer Shaun Frank, 'We Are' was ever destined to be an eclectic deal.

With a dark edge of rock, phat electro beats and a melody that hits right in, 'We Are' is a tasty tune for peak-time pleasure.


  1. We Are (Original Mix) (06:43)
  2. We Are (Dub Mix) (06:43)
  3. We Are (Radio Edit) (02:56)