York feat. Jennifer Paige - Lost Under The Sun (Remixes)

PTL021 - November 11th, 2013

When the soothing melodies of YORK meet the warm voice of no one less than Jennifer Paige, there's nothing else left but finding yourself in a state of awe.

'Lost Under The Sun' is the latest masterpiece of his 'Islanders' album, and what a jewel…

Next to the down-tempo proggy original, there's also a set of remixes of this sun-driven beauty.

Chola's Summerfeeling remix brings out the more housy side of 'Lost Under The Sun', while Max Denoise & Harnam keep its chilled character.

Last but not least, there's the Thomas Hayes remix to enjoy, a prog-house inspired piece of music that simply blows you away.


  1. Lost Under The Sun (Thomas Hayes Remix) (06:30)
  2. Lost Under The Sun (Chola's Summerfeeling Remix) (04:46)
  3. Lost Under The Sun (Max Denoise & Harnam Remix) (05:29)
  4. Lost Under The Sun (Thomas Hayes Radio Edit) (04:07)
  5. Lost Under The Sun (Chola's Summerfeeling Radio Edit) (03:25)