Josh Gabriel - Viscosity

DP014 - June 21st, 2010

Josh Gabriel - tech mastermind behind Gabriel & Dresden, Motorcycle, Andain and Winter Kills - kicks off summer 2010 with a new remix package for 'Viscosity' - one of the cult faves from his critically acclaimed 'Eight' album.

The original album mix glides along with a slinky triplet vibe, courtesy eight layers of real Moog synthesizer, while the Josh Gabriel, William A, and David Call remixes each take the track in decidedly new directions.

Building on the original's Indie/Nu Disco sound, Josh Gabriel's Dubstep Remix is full of sexy twists and turns - and a penetrating bassline that redefines the energy of the original with its throbbing dubstep wobble.

Hot on the heels of his debut Umbrella EP, William A's remix reinforces his unique blend of funky tech with hints of old-school progressive, taking the essence of the album version and giving it a big room feel that's guaranteed to please connoisseurs of both genres.

David Call's reinvention of the track adds a touch of haunting vocals, courtesy Winter Kills' Meredith Call. Building on a strong groove and ratcheting up the energy at every turn, Call's mix is an outstanding successor to his previous remixes for artists like Uppermost, Grube & Hovespian and Anthony Attalla.


  1. Viscosity (Original Mix) (07:02)
  2. Viscosity (Josh Gabriel Dubstep Mix) (05:26)
  3. Viscosity (David Call Remix) (07:22)
  4. Viscosity (William A Remix) (06:07)