Solarstone Collected, Vol. 2

ARDI3178 - August 10th, 2012

Responsible for some of the biggest classics in EDM history, is UK producer/DJ Richard Mowatt. Creating the Solarstone sounds since 1994, he’s had big successes with the beautiful ‘Late Summer Fields’, ‘Seven Cities’ and ‘Spectrum’. The mastermind behind Solaris Recordings has come a long way since first bursting onto the scene, and is still a solid favorite amongst the trance fans.

To give you an idea of which essentials ought to be in your trance collection, we’ve gathered some of Solarstone’s biggest tunes on ‘Solarstone Collected, Vol.2’. Enjoy the tunes ‘3rd Earth’, ‘Solarcoaster’, ‘Day By Day’, ‘Jump The Next Train’ and many more! 


  1. Solarstone vs Scott Bond - 3rd Earth (Marco V Remix) (09:07)
  2. Solarstone feat. Kym Marsh - Day By Day (Original Mix) (09:11)
  3. Solarstone - Solarcoaster (Midway Remix) (09:04)
  4. Young Parisians - U Write The Rules (Solarstone Remix) (09:010)
  5. Young Parisians feat. Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train (Solarstone Dub Mix) (08:49)
  6. Solarstone - The Calling (Jonas Steur Remix) (08:00)
  7. Solarstone - Seven Cities (Liquid Summer Mix) (09:22)
  8. Solarstone & Scott Bond - Red Line Highway (Yanave Remix) (08:50)
  9. Solarstone - Green Light (Original Mix) (08:45)
  10. Solarstone vs Sirocco - Destination (Original Mix) (11:12)