David Forbes - Worldwide Trance Sounds 2011, Vol. 2

ARDI2102 - May 27th, 2011

David Forbes has many faces. He started his musical career in 2000, kicking in with some bouncing techno and even gabber related tracks. Though he kept his Davie Forbes alias for the harder styles, it were the trance and dance sounds however, that really fed his passion. One of his releases brought him to 68 Recordings, soon followed by AVA Recordings, S107 and Captivating Sounds. That musical variety, with his focus on trance, he now shares on Worldwide Trance Sounds 2011 - Volume 2.

The beloved series continues with the sound of David Forbes, as he takes you on a musical trip past the tracks of Ørjan Nilsen, Ashley Wallbridge, tyDi, Filo & Peri, Tenishia and many more! One strong mix of highlights!