Justin Michael & Digital Freq - Follow You

TRCR042 - March 24th, 2014

Justin Michael took a large part of his inspiration from 90s grunge bands, bringing with him head-banging guitar riffs, solos, and above all, the sheer energy and intensity of live musicians shredding on stage.

There are hints of Daft Punk in the arpeggiating synths of this song, made all the more appealing through truly stellar vocals.

‘Follow You’ is all about sheer, uninterrupted raw intensity - an addictive mainline that won’t soon leave your brain.

Digital Freq has had some truly massive releases lately, and has been represented by the best DJs in the industry.

The combo of these guys is undeniable — the question is: they’ll ‘Follow You’, but will you follow them back?


  1. Follow You (Radio Edit) (03:44)
  2. Follow You (Original Mix) (05:40)