Lens Flare - From The North

Lens Flare - From The North

SPC054 - September 21st, 2009

At the very edge of summer, Estonian producer Rene Pais lights the upcoming dark months with another Lens Flare production. 'From The North' is the bass-driven sequal to Rene's previous track, 'Back In Resort'. Staying close to his roots, Rene hits the exact right spot with a banging but melodic outline, mood-changing, swinging break and a strong feel for cutting-edge progressive.

Remixes come from the hand of fellow Estonian producer Muute and Dutch collective Vast Vision. While Muute took the long road in his rousing, deep-house interfacing progressive remix, Vast Vision went ahead and sped things up a bit with their uplifting, guitar-oriented trance remix.


  1. From The North (DNS Project Original Mix) (06:41)
  2. From the North (Vast Vision Bangin Remix) (07:58)
  3. From the North (Muute Remix) (07:14)