Active Limbic System - Karahana

PRFLU051 - June 4th, 2014

"Karahana" is the latest offering by recent signing Active Limbic System aka George Tripas and Michalis Patakas. Featuring a haunting vocal and a classic goa vibe to the riff, "Karahana" represents a fresh take on the seminal Fluoro sound.

Fellow countryman and Fluoro fav Chris Voro is on hand - following on from his killer remix of Darkboy "Damage" to give "Karahana" a psy breaks makeover in trademark Voro style.

This is Full on. This is Fluoro.


  1. Karahana (Radio Edit) (03:36)
  2. Karahana (Chris Voro Radio Edit) (04:06)
  3. Karahana (Original Mix) (07:49)
  4. Karahana (Chris Voro Remix) (06:29)