Alex Guesta vs Stefano Pain - Ran Tam Tam

PILOT077 - January 2nd, 2012

Italian producers Alex Guesta and Stefano Pain give the Pilot 6 label a fine stir, with the maddening 'Ran Tam Tam'!

Both having earned their stripes in the house scene, the guys rumbled and shaked things up with productions like 'Incredible', 'Again', 'We'll Be Free' and 'Sexy Body'. Now joining forces, it is the electro inspired prog-houser of 'Ran Tam Tam' that is going to haunt the clubs this upcoming season.

A playful, sexy tune, that comes with a deeper, more techy remix by Ensaime.

DJ Jean: pumpin!
Olav Basoski: Ensaime remix is a nice tribal workout, thanks
David Jones: nice pack! Thanks - David Jones
Joachim Garraud: Alex Guesta and Stefano Pain Main Mix - Good track, thanks !!
Housequake: big room stuff
Roger Sanchez: will try out thanks
Quintin: Cool
Melvin Reese: Ensaime mix
Dj Jurgen: great track
Stonebridge: Slamming!
Dirtcaps: nice will thest it!


  1. Ran Tam Tam (Alex Guesta And Stefano Pain Main Mix) (05:31)
  2. Ran Tam Tam (Ensaime Remix) (06:47)
  3. Ran Tam Tam (Alex Guesta And Stefano Pain Radio Edit) (03:01)
  4. Ran Tam Tam (Ensaime Remix Radio Edit) (03:04)