Ferdy and Matt Van Wyk - Miami 8:06 / I am Guilty

ELEL060 - December 10th, 2007

A great new EP of Ferdy & Matt. Two progressive housers with a trancey hook make this one you can not miss!

DJ Support:

Above & Beyond: Supporting Miami 8:06 on TATW Radio

DJ Genix: loving this ... in the box

Matt Darey: Deep and funky grooves on I Am Guilty, will be road testing!

Andy Moor: great track, great for my sets...great 2 track EP

Martin Roth: perfectly suited for the beginning of my longer set - support for sure also in my radioshow 8/10

Mike Shiver: Support on Miami 8:06

Flash Brothers: We like this one here, nice melodic house track!

Mark Eteson (Godskitchen): Nice different percussion in this - and rolls along quite smoothly, perfect to build an atmosphere with

Kris O 'Neil: Amazing stuff

Joop: Nice one...good vibe

s one you can not miss!


  1. I Am Gulity (Original Mix) (08:45)
  2. Miami 8:06 (Original Mix) (09:28)