Heatbeat & Rodrigo Deem - Felina

CVSA185 - February 16th, 2014

Causing quite a stir at the Armada Beach Festival in the home-town of its creators, ‘Felina’ is the next big-room bomb to be dropped. The boys of Heatbeat teamed up with Buenos Aires local Rodrigo Deem, with the mission to kill, wow and amaze. Mission completed.

Heatbeat just doesn’t do average. And neither does one half of 19Hz duo, Rodrigo Deem. Together, they’ve created a tune that’s bound to roam the dance floors long after its release on Captivating Sounds.’Felina’ is here to stay.


  1. Felina (Radio Edit) (03:20)
  2. Felina (Original Mix) (07:23)