Markus Schulz - Los Angeles '12 (Unmixed), Vol. 2

ARVA019 - July 20th, 2012

The dust has barely settled on the release of Markus Schulz’s much acclaimed Los Angeles ’12 compilation – the latest chapter in his city series story. Highlighted by two sold out back to back nights at Avalon, fans around the world now have the opportunity to obtain some of the biggest moments in his DJ sets, thanks to the second bundle of Full Versions.

Tunes by the likes of DNs Project, Klauss Goulart, Rex Mundi, Styller, Arnej, Danilo Ercole and many more.  It’s time to inject some fresh anthems into your DJ sets, and Los Angeles ’12: The Full Versions Volume 2 is the perfect antidote.


  1. Klauss Goulart - Sweet Little Pepper (Original Mix) (06:41)
  2. DNS Project - Recapture (Original Mix) (06:25)
  3. Rex Mundi - Opaque (Original Mix) (09:21)
  4. Mr. Pit - River Of Hearts (Outro Mix) (07:12)
  5. Styller - Quantum Mechanics (Original Mix) (06:46)
  6. Aaron Camz - Aqwa (Original Mix) (07:44)
  7. Danilo Ercole - Quasar (Original Mix) (07:31)
  8. Rex Mundi - Shocking Blue (Original Mix) (06:53)
  9. Basil O'Glue - Doublespeak Effects (Original Mix) (06:55)
  10. Arnej - We Unite (Club Mix) (06:24)