Lustral - Broken

ARDI2993 - May 4th, 2012

Take a trip in trance history and re-discover Lustral. Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones brought us the beautiful ‘Broken’ more than a decade ago, but this pack of Alternative Mixes show you that it’s still very much up to date!

From the break-beat and melodic wonder of the Way Out West mix to the oldskool trance sounds of The Space Brothers in their own remix. Don’t miss out on the proggy, acid-inspired Pitch & Sulphurs remix or big-bassed Echomen mix! 


  1. Broken (Echomen Mix) (09:26)
  2. Broken (Echomen Instrumental Mix) (09:36)
  3. Broken (Pitch And Sulphurs Mix) (08:56)
  4. Broken (The Space Brothers Mix) (08:00)
  5. Broken (Way Out West Mix) (06:09)
  6. Broken (Way Out West Edit) (03:56)