Heatbeat - Worldwide Trance Sounds 2010, Vol. 5

ARDI1818 - October 8th, 2010

DJ/producer duo Heatbeat has caused a rousing heath descending from Argentina. Their musical sparkles have set things alight throughout the past 3 years, destroying floors with their big-beat mix of house, trance and electro. With Heatbeat, diversity reigns supreme, reflected on their 'Geek Love', 'Vergatron', 'Mr. Walrus' and various other slick productions and remixes.

The Worldwide Trance Sounds series, paving your way through trancy 2010 with hosts Paul Webster, Claudia Cazacu, Mike Foyle and more, is now ready for its fifth Volume! Heatbeat provides you a special selection of tunes, by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Sneijder, tyDi, Arnej and many more! 11 tracks in a blazing mix, welcoming you to the Heatbeat sound!