Binary Finary - The Lost Tracks

ARDI1106 - July 6th, 2009

There's a number in their musical career that'll never be forgotten. Once you speak out their name, the number '1998' automatically follows.  It was that year that Binary Finary, the guise of producers Matt Laws and Stuart Matheson, became known as the name behind one of the biggest trance anthems ever. '1998' was the first piece of English instrumental music that had charted in the primarily vocal based music scene. '1998' waved into the crowds across the globe, supported by DJ's such as Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Tiësto, Ferry Corsten and numerous others.

The Binary Finary story continues to the present day when all the music being created is crafted around the listener – their aim is to give the experience that will affect people's deepest being and hopefully inspire them to reach for their dreams.  It is now time to get lost inside those dreams with 'The Lost Tracks'. This Binary Finary collection covers up a complete overview of the biggest Binary Finary cuts of the past decade. True trance classics, produced with a pure passion for atmospheric soundscapes. 


  1. ChacMool (06:24)
  2. From Beyond (08:18)
  3. Remedy (06:44)
  4. Dirty Little Tart (07:18)
  5. High Coup (06:38)
  6. Merglich (09:26)
  7. Syncity (07:42)
  8. Freshwater (Binary Finary & Jose Amnesia Mix) (07:01)
  9. Freshwater (Jose Amnesia Remix) (08:50)
  10. 1998 (Binarys Finality Mix) (09:32)
  11. Chicken Dipper (08:19)
  12. Preformation (t minus 1) (08:31)
  13. The Acid One (09:15)
  14. Twenty Four (12:26)
  15. Decoder (10:26)
  16. Secrets (05:13)
  17. Asturius (Binary Finary & Jose Amnesia Mix) (07:52)
  18. The Lost Tracks Full Continuous DJ Mix (103:46)