The Top 10 Melodic House & Techno Tracks of 2021 - According to Joachim Pastor

Joachim Pastor has been rather busy throughout 2021. After signing with Armada Music in the summer of 2020, the French DJ and producer released his debut album titled ‘Greater Message’, recorded a full-fledged music production masterclass for Armada University (Joachim Pastor – In The Studio) and has been spoiling electronic music lovers with his taste for good music every chance he got. And he isn’t quite done yet, because the Top 10 Melodic House & Techno Tracks Of 2021 he selected will keep fans on the edge of their seats for a long, long time.

10. Cosmic Gate feat. Diana Miro - Blame
‘Blame’ by Cosmic Gate is such an amazing journey. Diana Miro’s voice has lots of distant reverb, which gives the song an incredible vibe and sense of space. It is a clever mix of contemporary techno with trancey synths and atmosphere. A very emotional journey indeed..

9. Jones Meadow - Opposite

I was so glad I discovered this song, because Jones Meadow has a real talent for these soft, organic groovy tracks. This one is more energetic and joyful than his usual work, but it’s definitely one of my favorites from him in 2021. Great stuff.

8. Tom Staar x Jem Cooke x AVIRA - Gravity

‘Gravity’ by Tom Staar, Jem Cooke and AVIRA is – in my humble opinion – a masterpiece of arranging and mixing. Everything sounds so clear, and the vocal is so vibrant and present. There is a lot of emotion in this track, and also a feeling of urgency. Definitely in my Top 10 of 2021.

7. Solee - Reboot

I heard this track from a DJ that was playing before me on a show and I was immediately hooked. The bassline has a really cool analog-sounding, yet distorted vibe to it. Add to that the climbing melody and the near-apocalyptic sounds and you’ve got yourself this phenomenal track from Solee.

6. Eelke Kleijn - Woodstock
The thing I can’t get enough of from this track is the perfect detuning of the synths, which gives the record its blissful harmony. I think the break, the sound design and then the drop are also superb. ‘Woodstock’ is great way to introduce Eelke Kleijn to someone who doesn't know his music.

5. Alessandro Martire - Breath (Mathame Remix)

I could highlight one element to sum up this track, and it would be the touching melody. It’s very simple, very repetitive, and very addictive. That change in the final three chords of the loop is just perfect. The middle break is long and the beat in it is perfect for the atmosphere. Such a great remix from Mathama of Alessandro Martire’s ‘Breath’.

4. Teho - Glacier 3000

‘Glacier 3000’ is one of my all-time favorites from Teho. The way the arpeggiator is done is counter-intuitive to me and that’s exactly why it strikes me and why I love it. The glided chords are also superb and the arrangement makes the track flow greatly. A gem for sure.

2. Stereoclip - Disconnected (Album Mix)
This album mix of ‘Disconnected’ is one of my all-time favorites from Stereoclip. I just love the melody and the vibe, but what gets me every time is the vocals. It is just so right, so perfectly executed and mixed. There’s a lot of emotion in this one.

1. Nora En Pure – Life On Hold

I believe I heard ‘Life On Hold’ first on Instagram, and I knew right away this would be in my top 3 for 2021. The chords somehow reach so deep into my soul, and the cut vocals add a lot of emotion. Mix is pristine as usual. Nora En Pure rocks.

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