The Armada In The Mix Livestream Highlights of 2021

It’s almost time to swap out the old year for the new one, and while we’re excited for what 2022 will bring, we can also proudly look back on the many amazing things the past twelve months have brought us. We were given the opportunity to set up a handful of incredible livestreams with our artists from many different locations and just had to bundle them in an all-inclusive article that any dance music fan like yourself can wholeheartedly enjoy: the Armada In The Mix livestream highlights of 2021.

Armada In The Mix: Ferry Corsten at King’s Day 2021
We hadn’t had a decent party in a while due to the COVID pandemic, and it didn’t look like that would change for King’s Day 2021. So we decided to set up a livestream at the nearly 400-year-old Heemstede Castle in the Netherlands. Ferry Corsten provided the stunning closing set at a location that truly was fit for a king.

Armada In The Mix London: Duvall
Nathan Vincent Duvall, one of the founding members of U.K. trio Disciples, joined us ahead of the summer of 2021. We were so stoked about this we asked him to share his unique musical taste with the rest of the world, live from our London office. The result: almost 60 minutes of incredible club music with quite a bit of urban flavor.

Armada In The Mix Amsterdam: Joachim Pastor live from the Armada Office
In October, French DJ, producer and artist extraordinaire Joachim Pastor planned to drop by our Amsterdam office to meet up with the crew and celebrate the early-September release of his debut album, ‘Greater Message’. So we, like the clever kids we are, asked him to bring his gear for a special Coffee Corner live set that we’ve had on repeat in the office since. If melodies are your thing, you’ll be on cloud nine all throughout this impeccable livestream from Joachim Pastor.

Armada In The Mix: Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano live at the Volkel Airbase
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano are no strangers to performing at remarkable locations, and this phenomenal live set counts double. Broadcast live from a top-secret military hangar in between fighter jets and army choppers, this livestream expertly showcases the power and impact of the Dutchmen’s trademark sound.

Armada In The Mix Amsterdam: THEMBA
For this live set, we wholeheartedly embraced the elegant, organic and emotional house sound of THEMBA. The South African DJ and producer had just released his debut album titled ‘Modern Africa, Part 1 – Ekhaya’, and this livestream in our Amsterdam office fuses a selection of tracks from that album with some of THEMBA’s personal favorites. This one comes highly recommended!

Armada In The Mix: Eelke Kleijn live at Woodstock
Dutch beach club Woodstock holds a special place in the heart of Eelke Kleijn. Playing there has always been a highlight of his summer tour schedule, and he even named one of the tracks from his recent ‘Oscillations’ album after the iconic venue. COVID didn’t agree with his annually recurring gig, but we instead hosted a special livestream set with Eelke at Woodstock. His smile says it all, doesn’t it?


Armada Unites: Ferry Corsten live from de Zaanse Schans, the Netherlands

Another gorgeous live set from Ferry Corsten and the first one we did with him after he joined the Armada Music family at the end of 2019. This ‘Armada Unites’ livestream adopts the more gentle sound of Ferry Corsten’s FERR alias and perfectly matched the idyllic location: de Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands.

Armada Unites: Cedric Gervais live from Miami
Miami resident and dance music icon Cedric Gervais set up shop at the top of the iconic Paramount Miami Worldcenter for a special ‘Armada Unites’ livestream in benefit of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In our opinion, there’s nothing better than using the power of music to raise awareness for important situations, and the Grammy-winning DJ and producer does just that with this impeccable, over-an-hour-long live set.

Armada In The Mix: Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano live at Strandzuid, Amsterdam
Dutch go-getters Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano had just released ‘Life After You’ (feat. Shannon Rani) halfway into 2020 and this livestream event was organized to celebrate the release of that incredible single. Set up in tandem with Rocycle Studios, the 48-minute live set gave both attendees and livestream viewers the pump and musical muscle they so craved.

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