The Top 10 House Tracks of 2020 – According to D.O.D

With all that’s been going on in the world this year, our message to you is clear: let’s end 2020 on a high note! So we’ve asked one of our latest additions to the Armada family, D.O.D, to list his personal Top 10 of House tracks of 2020 and he happily obliged. Find his selection below to starting grooving right away!

#10 Shadow Child - Mars
I feel like 2020 has been the year of nostalgic-sounding tunes, with producers digging deep into their favorite old-school sounds. ‘Mars’ is just an Incredible record from Shadow Child!

#9 Disclosure - Tondo

These guys can do no wrong. This record is pure class and will always remind me of my wedding day this year!

#8 ManyFew - Get Close

I can feel the sunshine on my face when I’m listening to this record. Had this on repeat for a while!

#7 Josh Wink & Lil Louis - How’s Your Evening So Far (Chris Lake Remix)

This is just a ridiculously good remix from Chris Lake on a classic. It’s all about that stripped-back drop, which makes it perfect for both clubs and festivals.

#6 Chambray - Lovin You
There’s a lot of feel-good energy in this record. I love how the toms constantly keep the track bouncing throughout the record. It’s a super dope record and we’ve got Chambray to thank for it!

#5 Sosa - Your Love

I really loved Speed Garage when I was a kid. This record brings me right back to that time. Sounds like it came straight out of 1999!

#4 Rebūke - Dial Tone

You can’t deny that Ruben (Rebūke) has his own style, and ‘Dial Tone’ is for sure one of my favorites from him. Some seriously wonky peak-time stuff right here!

#3 Ewan McVicar - Street Rave

Old-school rave in 2020; Ewan has absolutely nailed this record. Makes me want to get up and bounce around. One of my favorite breakthrough producers of this year.

#2 Maur feat. FABER - Set You Free
This tune is just MASSIVE! It’s one of those records that I wish I would have made myself. Hands in the air, peak-time vibes.

#1 D.O.D feat. The Melody Men - Moments

It has been about a month since The Melody Men and I released ‘Moments’, and the reactions to this record have been incredible! In what has been a turbulent year, I’m super thankful to be pushing out a new sound and getting the love back.

Want more House music to end the year (and start the next) with? Our 'House Top 1000' playlist on Spotify offers a near-unlimited supply of the music you love, so be sure to listen to the playlist via the Spotify player to the left or by hitting the button below.

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