A&R Manager Jurrien Romeijn Talks About The 'Armada Christmas Dinner Mix'

The ‘Armada Christmas Dinner Mix’ is designed to add to the bliss of your favorite holiday. A continuous mix of twenty-six records that includes authentic Christmas Mixes from tracks such as Clément Leroux’s ‘U Got My Heart’, Dennis Kruissen’s ‘Falling In Love’ and Teddy Beats’ ‘Hold Me’, this handpicked selection will be the soundtrack to a Christmas evening so wonderful you’ll never forget it. We sat down with Armada Music A&R manager Jurrien Romeijn to talk about how the 'Armada Christmas Dinner Mix' came together.

Listen to the 'Armada Christmas Dinner Mix'

1. This is the first-ever Christmas album in the history of Armada Music. Where did the idea stem from?

The idea came from a simple place. We all have those moments where we don’t know what we should play during Christmas, simply because you don’t always want to listen to the same Christmas music during your dinner. So we decided to come up with a mix that gives you those ultimate winter vibes without screaming ‘Merry Christmas’. This mix includes a lot of cozy Armada Music releases: some are Christmas tracks, others are just the perfect tracks to enhance that comfy winter vibe with.

2. Can you tell us a bit about how the track selection is built up?

There’s a continuous flow of music you recognize, but also instrumental tracks that linger in the background. It’s the perfect blend of cozy, chill and fun during a Christmas dinner.

3. In your opinion as a music curator for this album, what defines a Christmas track?

It could be a Christmas track because of the lyrics centered around Christmas as a theme or there could be more poetic lyrics that just give you that warm winter feeling. If a track has that feeling of warmth and togetherness, it is perfect for Christmas time!

4. Which of the tracks on this album will you be adding to your own playlist for sure?

I was very surprised by the A Man Called Adam mix of Chicane’s ‘Offshore’. The new version of ‘U Got My Heart’ is also one I would definitely listen to. But it’s hard to just pick a few; I think I would listen to all of them during my Christmas dinner.

5. Is this album only suitable for the Christmas period or do you feel that the vibe of this album extends way past that? Can you explain a bit about why you think that?

It is really a Christmas album, as a lot of the versions are tailored to the Christmas feel. But the idea of a ‘Dinner Mix’ does extend past that. Maybe we’ll come with some other Dinner Mix compilations: how nice would it be if you could just turn on a ‘mood’ every time you had a cozy dinner.