The Top 10 Dance Songs of 2020 – According to Brando

Brando has really been picking up the pace this year. Following his multi-million-streaming collabs with Loud Luxury (‘Body’) and Don Diablo (‘Congratulations’) in 2018 and 2019, the American has been blowing a fresh wind of change through the dance music realm with incredible singles such as ‘Look Into My Eyes’, ‘Millennial Rhapsody’, ‘London Girls’ (with BRKLYN) and latest addition ‘Don’t Call Me’, making him the right person to ask for a Top 10 Dance Songs of 2020. Read on for a list of ten electronic music gems that demonstrate his exquisite taste in music.

#10 Kasbo - Show You
Wow! I hadn't heard of Kasbo before until I heard this record and it's just simply amazing. So many different levels of chilled-out sonics intermixed with that super compressed vocal is just incredible to listen to.

#9 Jai Wolf - Moon Rider (feat. Wrabel)

I've been a huge fan of Jai Wolf for years before I even started working on dance music myself. There is something so polished and fresh about his tracks, and this record is no exception.

#8 SG Lewis - Chemicals

What a throwback tune! I love the old school RnB/Funk vibes on this one, and the ethereal vocals on it really brings it all together.

#7 Sigala - Lasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)

Sigala and James Arthur made an incredible record with this one; that drop is iconic.

#6 Justin Jesso x Seen - Bigger Than (MVRE Remix)
I loved the original, but MVRE adding guitars to this remix really set it off!

#5 Nea - Some Say (Felix Jaehn Remix)

Felix Jaehn is near the top of my list of favorite remixers, and this flip he did on Nea’s ‘Some Say’ is just another great example of why that's the case.

#4 Regard x RAYE - Secrets

I love this record! Regard and RAYE by themselves are some of my favorite dance acts out right now, but together somehow they are even more amazing. When I first heard this record, I didn't realize it was either of them and I loved it anyways. To me, that shows how great the song truly is.

#3 Don Diablo - Bad (feat. Zak Abel)

Don is one of my favorite DJs to collab with for good reason. He and Zak Abel really brought something fresh and different to the table when they released ‘Bad’. The drop is hands down one of my favorite drops this year; there is something about that suction effect on the synth that has me replaying it over and over trying to decipher how Don did it.

#2 Loud Luxury x CID - Nights Like This
I've had the pleasure of working with Loud Luxury for a long time now and everything they release is gold! This collab with CID sets the mood for any night.

#1 Joel Corry - Head & Heart (feat. MNEK):

This is one of my favorite records to come out this year! I'm a huge fan of MNEK's toplining, and the minute I heard this track, I knew he and Joel Corry made something truly special. Between the infectious hook and the straightforward yet powerful bassline, I can’t get enough of this record.

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