The 10 Best Dance Hits For The Summer Of 2022

Summer is calling, and that means it’s time to fire up a playlist full of this year’s most sun-kissed tunes yet. So let us shed those peskily persistent winter blues, embrace the sunshine glow and dive wholeheartedly into 10 of the best dance hits for the summer of 2022. And if you want more, you can always revisit the Top 10 tracks that made the summer of 2021 worthwhile.

Duvall feat. Sam Gray – Good Feeling
Can’t go wrong with such an optimistic song, can you? Together with English singer-songwriter Sam Gray (who also sang on The Chainsmokers’ global smash hit ‘Takeaway’), Duvall delivers one of the most uplifting songs you’ll hear this year. If there’s one track out there that oozes sunshine, it’s ‘Good Feeling’.

CID & Westend – Let Me Take You
CID and Westend already collaborated earlier on ‘Jumpin’’, and their new 2022 release is just as infectious. Outfitted with a bit more groove and club appeal, ‘Let Me Take You’ takes listeners to a place everyone would love to go. Destination: sunshine.

Tensnake feat. Cara Melín – Antibodies (LP Giobbi Remix)
American piano house queen LP Giobbi has built quite the reputation with a series of contagious tunes, and this one fits the bill perfectly. With lush vocals, gentle grooves and piano chords that hit home every single time, her remix of Tensnake and Cara Melín’s ‘Antibodies’ is practically the sonic equivalent of happy moments spent underneath a clear blue sky.

Takis feat. Goody Grace & Ant Clemons - Wait For Me
This cross-genre track from Takis, Goody Grace and Ant Clemons has been dubbed as song of the summer by fans ever since it came out, and it’s easy to see why. The mellow groove, slow vocals and contagious vibe instantly evoke images of a sunset walk close to the edge of the sea. Not the mention that it definitely sets the mood for a relaxed, late-evening get-together on the beach.

Armin van Buuren & Billen Ted feat. JC Stewart – Come Around Again
Premiered on the mainstage of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, ‘Come Around Again’ just works in every setting, whether it’s on the dance floor or outdoors. This collaboration between Armin van Buuren, Billen Ted and JC Stewart has both the club appeal and pop sensibility to woo all kinds of dance music fans, and will surely take center stage at this summer’s most prestigious festivals.

Matoma & SUPER-HI feat. BullySongs – Take Me To The Sunshine
The title alone already screams summer anthem, so we reckon you know what kind of song you’re in for. A collaboration between Norwegian hit machine Matoma, British production team SUPER-HI and singer-songwriter BullySongs, ‘Take Me To The Sunshine’ is the perfect soundtrack for a day spent at the seaside sipping on umbrella-tipped long drinks.

Audien feat. XIRA – One Last Dance
and XIRA’s ‘One Last Dance’ has got to be one of our personal favorites from this Top 10. The warm piano chords, touching vocals and mellow grooves are simply irresistible, and even though the lyrics narrate the emotional end of a relationship, it’s still a song that instils hope and love in any listener’s heart.

Anyma feat. Meg Myers - Running
Anyma and Meg Myers’ ‘Running’ is obviously more energetic than most other tracks in this list, and that's why it's the perfect record to help guide the transition from the beach to the club. It draws from Kate Bush's 1985 single 'Running Up That Hills' (which recently became popular again due to its prominent feature in season 4 of 'Stranger Things') and will surely make the late-night summer party come alive.

ARTY – Those Eyes
Although officially released in the fall of 2021, ARTY’s ‘Those Eyes’ is picking up big time now that the 2022 summer is rolling around. The catchy guitar licks and low-pitched vocals give the song a lot of its unique, upbeat character, and the energetic drops that follow are perfect for those sun-laden festival moments you’ll forever remember.

Armin van Buuren & AVIRA vs Chicane – Offshore
And last but certainly not least, this modern rendition of one of the biggest Ibiza classics of all time. Originally released by trance legend Chicane in 1997, ‘Offshore’ is celebrating its 25th anniversary through this incredible rework from Armin van Buuren and AVIRA, who uphold the song’s timeless character and turn it into a Balearic summer anthem no dance music fan can resist.

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