The 100 Best Vocal Trance Classics (1997-2011)

There aren't a lot of genres that can flaunt a spinoff dedicated entirely to vocal versions, but it should be no surprise that trance music is one of the happy few. Together with vocalists such as Ashley Tomberlin, Jaren, JES, Justine Suissa, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Susana and Tiff Lacey, now-iconic trance acts such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Chakra, Chicane, Dash Berlin, Gabriel & Dresden and Ferry Corsten started taking the world by storm with their vocal trance tracks from the late '90s onward, contributing to a wealth of classics that still wow fans today.

Want to discover the legacy of vocal trance music? Scroll down for the 100 Best Vocal Trance Classics in chronological order. Or, if you'd rather skip the backstory, just follow the 'Vocal Trance Classics (1997-2011)' playlist and start listening right away!

Spoiler alert: We bumped up the number of tracks to 111. The more, the merrier!

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Chakra - Home (vocals by Kate Cameron) [1997]
U.K. producers Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones, who also produced under renowned aliases such as Ascension, Lustral and The Space Brothers, kick off this list as Chakra with ‘Home’. Its classic trance sound is steeped in nostalgia, and Kate Cameron’s vocals make it one of the most authentic trance tracks released that year. And maybe ever, depending on who you ask.

Ascension – Someone (vocals by Joanna Law) [1997]
We're sticking with the U.K. duo under a different alias, as they released this track as Ascension on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records in 1997. The dreamy pianos and soft arpeggios provide the perfect backdrop to Joanna Law's celestial vocals, making 'Someone' a truly timeless vocal trance classic. For fans of recent adaptations, Giuseppe Ottaviani’s 2019 remix would be a great starting point.

The Space Brothers – Shine (vocals by Joanna Law) [1997]
A #1 UK Dance single and Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune, The Space Brothers’ 1997 single ‘Shine’ was the second release of Ricky Simmonds and Stephen Jones under their famous moniker. Graced with the vocals of U.K. vocalist Joanna Law, ‘Shine’ has been remixed countless times throughout the years by names such as Jody Barr, Jorn van Deynhoven and Paul Thomas & White-Akre.

Chicane feat. Moya Brennan – Saltwater [1999]
Let’s immediately jump ahead two years to one of the most beloved Trance classics of all time: ‘Saltwater’ by Chicane. Released in 1999, the track features Irish songstress Máire Brennan (later credited as Moya Brennan), went on to reach #6 in the UK Singles chart and catapulted the career of Chicane after he had already released the seminal trance classic ‘Offshore’ in 1997.

Chakra - Love Shines Through (vocals by Kate Cameron) [1999]
Another Chakra track featuring Kate Cameron, bearing particularly inspiring and empowering lyrics. ‘Love Shines Through’ is a sterling example of pure classic trance from the late '90s, when the genre was booming.

Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Lange Remix) (vocals by Danielle Alexander) [1999]
Though we could’ve gone for Lost Witness’ original version (which made it to #18 in the UK Singles chart), we opted for this remix from British producer Lange instead. With a more deliberate build-up, this song fits the classic trance tag a lot better and also allows us to give an honorable mention to his 2009 version of ‘Happiness Happening’ (featuring Tracey Carmen) and his 1999 single ‘I Believe’ (featuring Sarah Dwyer).

Agnelli & Nelson feat. Aureus - Holding On To Nothing (12" Mix) [1999]
The more recent adopters of trance music may know English duo Agnelli & Nelson best from their incredible remix of John O’Callaghan & Audrey Gallagher’s ‘Big Sky’. It was voted ASOT Tune Of The Year in 2007 and is also included in this list, but their 12” Mix of ‘Holding On To Nothing’ may have been even more seminal. Interesting to point out is that Aureus and Audrey Gallagher are the same person, which is easy to realize once you pay attention on the songstress' unique timbre.

Cass & Slide – Perception (Vocal Mix) (vocals by Naimee Coleman) [1999]
While the original released only mentioned ‘Vocal Mix’, a bit of digging revealed to us that the dreamy vocals are from Irish songstress Naimee Coleman, who would later feature on Aurora’s 2005 cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’ and the Above & Beyond remix of that cover. Markus Schulz and Justine Suissa ended up reimagining this classic in 2009, but we figured the original version would strike the most nostalgic chord.

Delerium - Silence - (Tiësto In Search Of Sunrise Remix) (vocals by Sarah McLachlan) [2000]
‘Silence’, written by Canadian electronic music group Delerium in tandem with Sarah McLachlan, was first released in 1999 and structured more like a pop song until an array of more up-tempo remixes popped up. Out of those remixes, Tïesto’s In Search Of Sunrise version is undoubtedly the most beloved, almost instantly turning into an eternal trance classic.

Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don't Give up [2000]
Included on Chicane’s 2000 album ‘Behind The Sun’ (just like 'Saltwater'), ‘Don’t Give Up’ features none other than Canadian superstar Bryan Adams, who already had eight studio albums and an array of global pop hits under his belt by then. The song bumped Madonna’s ‘American Pie’ off the #1 spot in the UK Singles chart and became an evergreen vocal trance favorite.

Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye (Armin's Tribal Feel Mix) (vocals by Elles de Graaf) [2001]
We discussed this timeless track at length in our Twenty Trance Classics From Armin van Buuren That Can’t Be Forgotten, but we’re happy to summarize. Those epic pads combined with Elles de Graaf’s vocals give us – and the entire global Trance crowd – instant goosebumps. Enough said, right?

4 Strings – Take Me Away (Into The Night) [2001]
Few will dispute the notion that ‘Take Me Away (Into The Night)’ is among the most well-known vocal trance classic and the biggest hit of Dutch duo 4 Strings, which was formed by Carlo Resoort and Jan de Vos. The song climbed to #15 in the UK Singles chart and features the vocals of German songstress Susanne Teutenberg (not music video and artwork model Vanessa van Hemert), who also sang on songs such as ‘Let It Rain’ and ‘Diving’. Pure nostalgia right here!

Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery – Home [2001]
Composed of Gleave Dobbin and Phil Johnston, Irish trance duo Coast 2 Coast don’t have a particularly lengthy discography, but it doesn’t need to be when it includes ‘Home’. Featuring the vocals of Discovery (Penny McCleery), this track bears all the hallmarks of a vocal trance track able to withstand the test of time.

Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix) [2001]
After Tiësto’s remix of ‘Silence’ and Armin van Buuren’s version of ‘The Sound Of Goodbye’, the third Dutch trance magnate is taking over. None other than Ferry Corsten stepped up to remix Oceanlab’s now-classic ‘Clear Blue Water’ and delivered an uplifting masterpiece that perfectly complements Justine Suissa’s angelic vocals.

Jan Johnston – Flesh (DJ Tiësto Remix) [2001]
Definitely not the most well-known Tiësto record out there, but its inclusion in this list won’t come as a surprise to the more clued-up trancers either. English songstress Jan Johnston had already co-written BT’s UK Top 30 hit ‘Remember’ earlier and would team up with a lot of trance titans in the years after, such as Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate and Markus Schulz.

Rank 1 feat. Shanokee - Such Is Life [2001]
Legendary Dutch group Rank 1 have countless trance hits under their belt and ‘Such Is Life’ is one of them. Selected as the anthem for Sensation White 2001, the record features the incredible vocals of Irish songstress Shanokee (Penny McCleery), who also sang on Coast 2 Coast’s ‘Home’ as Discovery.

Lange feat. Skye - Drifting Away (Lange's Sunset Mix) [2001]
Another incredible record from British producer Stuart Langelaan a.k.a. Lange. Featuring the heavenly vocals of Katie Marne under her Skye alias, this track – and in particular Lange’s Sunset Mix ­– still has legions of trance fans rubbing their hands together.

Paul Oakenfold feat. Carla Werner - Southern Sun (Tiësto Remix) [2002]
While Paul Oakenfold provided the original composition, another one of trance’s all-time greats delivered on remix duty. It just can’t get any better than Carla Werner’s high-register, near-operatic vocals soaring over a Tïësto production.

Conjure One feat. Sinéad O’Connor – Tears From The Moon (Tiësto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) [2002]
2002 was evidently a great year for Tiësto, because he also whipped up this incredible remix of Conjure One and Sinéad O’Connor’s ‘Tears From The Moon’. Tightly linked to the Dutchman’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ series, this trance record may be a bit darker than you'd think beforehand, but that doesn't make it any less tantalizing.

Ayumi Hamasaki - M (Above & Beyond Remix) [2002]
From J-pop to pure vocal trance… It might seem like an impossible transformation, but Above & Beyond achieved perfection nonetheless. They took the original song from renowned Japanese singer-songwriter Ayumi Hamasaki and turned it into this incredible vocal trance record.

Solid Sessions - Janeiro (Armin van Buuren Remix) (vocals by Vera Kramer) [2002]
The 2000 original from Dutch duo Solid Sessions (Sander Jongerius and Cyril Helwig) was an 11-minute instrumental version, which had to wait for a vocal mix until Pronti & Kalmani (the producers of Dash Berlin) remixed it one year later in tandem with songstress Vera Kramer. In 2002, Armin van Buuren got to remix it and made it into this highly emotional vocal trance classic. Pure bliss for the ear.

Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (vocals by JES) [2003]
Vocalist JES (Jes Brieden) and San Francisco-based duo Gabriel & Dresden only made one song under their Motorcycle moniker, but what a success it was. The track hit #1 in Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay Chart one year after its release, became the first year-end #1 Dance Airplay track and peaked at #11 in the United Kingdom. But even more importantly, it became one of the most beloved trance records of all time.

Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix) [2003]
I had to pause writing this piece for a good twenty minutes or so because I got lost in this phenomenal IDMA-nominated vocal trance classic from San Francisco-based electronic music act Andain. The vocal is flawless, the atmosphere is magical and Gabriel & Dresden brought it to perfection. Interesting to mention is that Josh Gabriel (from Gabriel & Dresden) was one of the founding members of Andain alongside singer-songwriter Mavie Marcos and guitarist David Penner.

Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa - Burned With Desire (Rising Star Vocal Mix) [2003]
While Justine Suissa is mostly known for her work with Above & Beyond as Oceanlab, she lent her gorgeous voice to other renowned studio heroes as well. One of those was Armin van Buuren, who collaborated with her on ‘Burned With Desire’ for his 2003 album ‘76’. Add to that the uplifting vocal mix under Armin van Buuren’s renowned Rising Star moniker and you know you’ve struck vocal trance gold.

Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa – Out There (5th Dimension) (Mike Shiver Vocal Mix) [2003]
We’re sticking with Justine Suissa for a bit, this time to push her vocal performance for ‘Out There (5th Dimension)’ in the limelight. The original track was produced by (Dave) Masters & (Robert) Nickson, and we picked the incredible vocal mix of Swedish DJ and producer Mike Shiver as our favorite. Uplifting titan Sean Tyas happened to also remix this track recently, so you might as well give that one a listen too!

Darren Tate vs Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In (Jono Grant Vocal Mix) (Vocals by Shirley Randall) [2003]
Coming from the hands of U.K. trance producer Darren Tate (also known as DT8 Project and Jurgen Vries) and Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant, ‘Let The Light Shine In’ more than deserves the classic tag. Shirley Randall’s luminescent vocals lead listeners throughout this beautiful track and greatly complement the uplifting melodies and lush saw pads. As most would say, that’s what trance music is all about.

Paul van Dyk feat. Vega4 - Time Of Our Lives (Club Mix) [2003]
Of course, we couldn’t pass on Paul van Dyk’s work either. Together with four-piece alternative rock band Vega4, the German DJ and producer whipped up this amazing Club Mix of ‘Time Of Our Lives’. Superb male vocals? Check. Inspiring lyrics? Check. Timeless vocal trance classic? Double-check!

Oceanlab – Satellite [2004]
Yet another brilliant Oceanlab track, one that pretty much every self-proclaimed vocal trance fan put on repeat innumerable times. ‘Satellite’ is widely considered their breakthrough track, as the 2004 single peaked at #19 in the UK Singles Chart for their highest charting single to date. Give it a listen yourself to instantly hear why.

Tiësto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be [2004]
The title track of Tiësto’s second studio album, ‘Just Be’ immediately makes an impression with the haunting tones of London’s Kirsty Hawkshaw. It charted in both the Netherlands (Top 10) and the United Kingdom (#43) and even came in at #61 in Armin van Buuren’s fan-voted All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list. And we don’t have to tell you how that translates into popularity amongst the world’s most diehard trance fans.

Reflekt feat. Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved (The Thrillseekers Remix) [2004]
The Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix of ‘Need To Feel Loved’ (2009) might have gotten the most critical acclaim over the years, but the original single from English duo Reflekt (Seb Fontaine and Jay Peake) and New Zealand singer-songwriter Delline Bass (Ann Delline Gruzins) had already been turning heads for five years by then. The song, which hit #1 in UK Dance and #14 in the UK Singles chart, was released alongside an incredible trance version from The Thrillseekers, and that’s the version we decided to include in this list!

Signum feat. Anita Kelsey - Come Around Again (Vocal Mix) [2004]
‘Come Around Again’ was the second-ever release of Signum on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance label. Signum was still a duo then, which changed when Pascal Minnaard moved to Norway in 2007 and granted Ron Hagen sole custody of the project. This record was released in the slipstream of ‘What You Got 4 Me’ (1998), ‘Coming On Strong’ (1999), ‘First Strike’ (2001) and ‘Push Through’ (2003). And with Anita Kelsey on board, you can expect nothing but 8 minutes and 38 seconds of vocal trance bliss.

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) [2004]
Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston’s ‘No One On Earth’ has this otherworldly atmosphere to it that makes it one of the most captivating songs in this list. The remix of Gabriel & Dresden, which we picked for this feature, was voted ASOT Tune Of The Year in 2004, trumping Oceanlab’s ‘Satellite’ (#13) and even Tiësto’s ‘Adagio For Strings’ (#3).

ATB - Ecstasy (vocals by Tiff Lacey) [2004]
'Ecstasy' is easily the most popular track from ATB’s fifth studio album (‘No Silence’, 2004) and may even be his best known song to date after ‘9PM (Till I Come)’ (1998) and ‘Don’t Stop’ (1999). The song has a few things that make it so darn infectious: there’s the subtle synth plucks in the intro that reel listeners in, Tiff Lacey’s highly emotive vocals taking over and lastly, the soaring pads pushing this track to the edge of infinity at every beat drop. Well done, André Tanneberger. Well done indeed.

Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life (vocals by Carrie Skipper) [2005]
Circling back again to U.K. vocalist Carrie Skipper, we’ve got this brilliant collab between Above & Beyond and Andy Moor, who got nominated for a Grammy for his remix of Delerium’s ‘Angelicus’. Coupling Above & Beyond’s lush atmosphere with Andy Moor’s signature bass sound proved a fine decision indeed, and Carrie Skipper’s breathy vocals pushed it to even greater heights.

DT8 Project feat. Andrea Britton - Winter [2005]
Produced by Darren Tate under his DT8 Project moniker, ‘Winter’ didn’t waste any time in winning over the international crowd, making it as far as #35 in the UK Singles chart. Working in perfect synergy with the soaring melodies, the crystalline vocals come from Andrea Britton, who went on to collaborate – and score hits with – Sunfreakz (‘Counting Down The Days’ anyone?), 4 Strings, Rui Da Silva and Soulshaker.

Armin van Buuren feat. Susana – Shivers [2005]
No surprises here, right? Originally released alongside ‘Birth Of An Angel’ as ‘Shivers (Rising Star Mix)’, this 2005 collab between Armin van Buuren and Dutch songstress Susana was crowned #1 in the fan-voted All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list, which instantly tells us how popular this vocal trance classic still is.

Ferry Corsten feat. Simon Lebon – Fire [2005]
Who can’t remember this blazing track from Ferry Corsten’s 2006 album ‘L.E.F.’? The song, which was already released as a single one year earlier, features the vocals of Duran Duran’s Simon Lebon and the lyrics from the English ‘80s band’s 1990 hit ‘Serious’. Add to that its chart success in the Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S. and you know this Ferry Corsten single is nothing but straight ‘Fire’!

Ridgewalkers feat. EL - Find (Andy Moor Remix) [2005]
‘Find’ was the first-ever release of Irish songwriting and production duo Ridgewalkers, composed of Ivor Lynch and Eleanor Kenny (EL). Well-known U.K. DJ and producer Andy Moor, who’d been around the trance block for a few years at that point , then took the luscious and airy vocals into a new dimension. The result: a classic Andy Moor tune that can still make every vocal trance lover swoon.

Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity Remix) [2005]
Eight years after lending her vocals to ‘Silence’ on Delerium’s 1997 album ‘Karma’, triple Grammy nominee Sarah McLachlan released her ‘Bloom (Remix Album)’, which includes this exceptional Anti-Gravity Remix from none other than Gabriel & Dresden. It’s a pretty simple equation here: Sarah McLachlan’s enchanted vocals plus Gabriel & Dresden’s production prowess equals vocal trance magic.

Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By (Super8 Deep Mix) [2005]
Mere months before Finland’s Super8 and DJ Tab decided to officially join forces and conquer the world as Super8 & Tab, Miika Eloranta (Super8) sneaked in this incredible remix of ‘Time Goes By’. It’s the second mention for Carrie Skipper in this list so far after ‘Air For Life’ with Above & Beyond & Andy Moor, and her vocals once again achieve perfection over Super8’s deep and banging production. Great stuff!

Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill - Close Your Eyes (Vadim Zhukov Remix) [2006]
'Close Your Eyes' was originally produced by Robert Nickson – if you’re struggling to remember, try his 2004 classic ‘Spiral’ – in tandem with U.S. songstress Elsa Hill. The record was released on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance label in 2006 along with two remixes, one of them being this dark interpretation from Vadim Zhukov. The Russian producer has since adopted a more melodic house & techno-oriented sound, but that doesn’t make this track any less of a vocal trance favorite.

Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix) (vocals by Ashley Tomberlin) [2006]
This track is one of my personal favorites (yes, I can say stuff like that when I write a copy for well over a hundred tracks in one article) and I can’t imagine I’m the only one who feels that way. It's magical from start to finish, and we’ve got Smith & Pledger and the unforgettable, emotionally inspired vocal performance of Ashley Tomberlin to thank for that.

Gabriel & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft - Tracking Treasure Down [2006]
Though Molly Bancroft appeared on multiple singles of Gabriel & Dresden’s eponymous artist album ('Gabriel & Dresden', 2006), ‘Tracking Treasure Down’ is definitely the most well-known. By gracing the San Francisco duo’s signature sound with her authentic vocals, the American songstress earned herself a spot in this list. Though not separately credited, the track also features the occasional vocal elements from Gabriel, Dresden, Josh Gabriel's wife Kristy and his son Rowan.

Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (vocals by Ashley Tomberlin) [2006]
Let’s stick with the mesmerizing vocals of U.S. vocal starlet Ashley Tomberlin for a bit and dive straight into her second inclusion in this list. Produced by none other than Above & Beyond. ‘Can’t Sleep’ simply ticks all the boxes of a timeless vocal trance classic. Fun fact: Super8 & Tab remixed both ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Can’t Sleep’. They have been released a bit too late to fit the timespan of this list, but they’re still incredible versions that deserve a listen.

Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Alone Tonight [2006]
Taken from the same Above & Beyond album as ‘Can’t Sleep’ (2006’s ‘Tri-State’, the trio’s debut album), ‘Alone Tonight’ is one of the few tracks in this list graced with male vocals (from Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Richard Bedford). The success of the song, which made it to #5 in the UK Singles Chart and was nominated for an International Dance Music Award for ‘best progressive house/trance track’, only added further incentive to make Richard Bedford one of Above & Beyond’s go-to singers, as he went on to grace later productions such as ‘Sun & Moon’, ‘Thing Called Loved’ and ‘Northern Soul’.

John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Agnelli & Nelson Remix) [2007]
Well, here’s a big one! Whilst John O’Callaghan original production could’ve easily made it into this list on its own merit, we decided to go with the drive and unfaltering popularity of Agnelli & Nelson's version. Audrey Gallagher’s unique and super-recognizable vocals on ‘Big Sky’ are nothing short of legendary and echo on in listeners’ minds long after the track has ended.

Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down (vocals by Vera Ostrova) [2007]
‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ was the track that started it all for Dash Berlin; it kickstarted a decade of success until the trio split up in late 2018. The song, which was released on Captivating Sounds (the forerunner of Armada Captivating), features the (uncredited) vocals of Vera Ostrova, who later collaborated with Armin van Buuren on 'What If' from his 2009 album ‘Imagine’. You’d be hard pressed finding a trance fan who doesn’t have incredible memories of this timeless vocal trance tune.

Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (vocals by Debra Andrew) [2007]
'Beautiful' was taken from Ferry Corsten’s sophomore studio album (‘L.E.F.’, 2006) and released as a standalone single on his own Flashover Recordings imprint in 2007. The song was made in collaboration with U.K. singer Debra Andrew, who also graced another album single called ‘Forever’ with the same lyrics. Especially when juggled with the cascading melody, the processed (or vocoded) vocal instantly hit home, achieving a sonic synergy trance fans from all over the world continue to remember fondly. This incredibly track also welcomed a remix from AVIRA in 2021.

Tenishia & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Reasons To Forgive (The Blizzard Remix) [2007]
Most will know Norwegian duo from debut single ‘Kalopsia’, but the Norwegian duo’s remix of Tenishia and Kirsty Hawkshaw’s ‘Reasons To Forgive’ has just as much merit. The pair's famed progressive sound does Kirsty’s emotion-laden vocal performance justice. The Blizzard also did a remix of Armin van Buuren and Sharon den Adel’s ‘In And Out Of Love’ in 2008, adding to their renowned remix credentials.

DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe - Who Will Find Me (Original Summer Sunrise Mix) [2007]
'Who Will Find Me' is the first inclusion of German composer DJ Shah in this list, right before 2008’s ‘Lost’ under his Sunlounger alias. The record features the mesmerizing vocals of Adrina Thorpe, whose silky timbre can have a listeners hooked in mere seconds. This gorgeous Original Summer Sunrise Mix is all the proof you need to validate that statement.

Markus Schulz, Departure, Gabriel & Dresden - Without You Near (Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s Sacred Light Remix) [2007]
Whilst Gabriel & Dresden’s remix is also very enjoyable, we opted for the uplifting interpretation from Alex M.O.R.P.H. instead. Dubbed as the Alex M.O.R.P.H. Sacred Light Remix, this version offers both the drive and the melodic spark that could send listeners over the euphoric edge time and time again.

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Good For Me (Above & Beyond Club Mix) [2007]
Above & Beyond just don’t know when to quit, do they? *insert smiley face* With Zoë Johnston’s heavenly vocals speaking of limitless love and gratitude over an instrumental that’s just as inspiring, ‘Good For Me’ has got to be one of the most heartwarming additions to this exhaustive list of vocal trance classics.

Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Light The Skies (Retrobyte’s Classic Electrobounce Mix) [2007]
You just can’t go wrong with a vocal like that, can you? Jaren’s impeccable vocals have long been a staple in the trance scene, and Retrobyte's Classic Electrobounce Mix of her collab with Cerf and Mitiska is still able to ‘Light The Skies’ with a single play.

Lange feat. Sarah Howells - Out Of The Sky (Kyau & Albert Remix) [2007]
Voted among the best 400 tracks in the All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list, this remix of Lange and Sarah Howell’s ‘Out Of The Sky’ comes from Kyau & Albert. The German duo remixed a lot of other (vocal trance) classics throughout the years, including Solid Sessions’ ‘Janeiro’, Ridgewalkers and EL’s ‘Find’, Oceanlab’s ‘Sirens Of The Sea’ and Gabriel & Dresden & Molly Bancroft’s ‘Tracking Treasure Down’. But to us, this version takes the remix cake.

Tiësto presents Allure feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside (Andy Duguid Remix) [2007]
While Tiësto’s original creation (as Allure) also deserves a lot of recognition, we decided to include the remix from Scotland-based DJ and producer Andy Duguid. In this version, Julie Thompson’s memorable vocal lines take more of a center role and shine accordingly, which is exactly what vocal trance is all about.

Chris Lake feat. Emma Hewitt - Carry Me Away [2007]
Sure, you could classify this track as house or progressive house without being wrong, but Emma Hewitt’s incredible vocal performance simply can’t be ignored. 'Carry Me Away' is by far the most streamed track of the ‘A State Of Trance 2007’ album on Spotify and also charted in the fan-voted All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list. That’s good enough for us!

Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Outsiders (Cosmic Gate Remix) [2007]
This remix of ‘Outsiders’ marks the first inclusion of Grammy-nominated trance legends Cosmic Gate, who were already celebrating their 10-year-anniversary as an act by the time this track got released. While the record largely focuses on the dark and techy sound bites of the German duo, the vocal partition brings a bit of freshness into the production that’s sure to please all those vocal trance lovers out there.

Duderstadt & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Beatitude (Duderstadt Uplifting Mash Up) [2007]
We’re sticking with Kirsty Hawkshaw’s standout vocal delivery for a bit for her fourth contribution to this list. You could pick her unique timbre out of a vocal line-up with your eyes closed, and the uplifting production of Duderstadt – German brothers Mark and Dirk Duderstadt, who also produced music as Fragma and Inpetto – perfectly complements the spoken words.

First State feat. Anita Kelsey – Falling [2007]
‘Falling’ was only the second-ever release of First State, but it sure put the project on the radar of countless trance fans. Released back in 2007 when First State was still a duo, the song features the dreamy vocals of Anita Kelsey, which shine especially bright when the record moves into the classical piano-and-strings section.

DT8 Project – Hold Me Till The End [vocals by Alexta/Alex Taylor] [2007]
DT8 Project’s ‘Hold Me Till The End’ features the vocals of Alexta (or Alex Taylor), who went on to vocally grace various other singles from Darren Tate. This record was also recently remixed by Ferry Corsten, which does the nostalgic feel of the original song full justice.

Sunlounger feat. Zara – Lost [2008]
Another track high up on my personal list of vocal trance favorites, courtesy of Roger Shah under his Sunlounger alias. Featuring the vocals of Canadian actress and singer-songwriter Zara (Taylor), ‘Lost’ became the A State Of Trance Tune Of the Year in 2008 and has been putting a smile on the faces of trance fans ever since.

Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - You Never Said (Dash Berlin Remix) [2008]
A year after the 2007 release of ‘Light The Skies’, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren composed ‘You Never Said’ and got to welcome a remix from none other than Dash Berlin. The amazing synergy between Jaren’s emotional vocals and Dash Berlin’s signature lead sound instantly gives listeners goosebumps all over. Although not as well-known as this version, the original record also makes for a very enjoyable listening session.

Armin van Buuren & Jaren – Unforgivable [2008]
Jaren’s internationally acclaimed vocal tones weren’t just the sole preserve of Matt Cerf and Shawn Mitiska. Armin van Buuren collaborated with her on ‘Unforgivable’ for his 2008 album ‘Imagine’ and the result is as you’d expect: a stellar production with emotion-laden vocals and lyrics that grip from the very first second.

Rachael Starr – To Forever (Moonbeam Remix) [2008]
Most people will know this track from its feature on Tiësto’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise 7 (Asia)’, as it’s still the most played track from that album by far. Released alongside the original mix of Rachael Starr and a remix of the infamous Deadmau5, this remix came from the hands of Moonbeam, the Russian duo that would also claim a spot on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2009’ one year later.

Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - If You Should Go (Aly & Fila Remix) / (John O'Callaghan Remix) [2008]
After the huge success of ‘Shivers’, Armin van Buuren and Susana decided to team up again in 2008 for ‘If You Should Go’. The single came with remixes from Aly & Fila and John O’Callaghan, both of whom are held in high regard by the global trance crowd. Whether you opt for Aly & Fila’s treatment or John O’Callaghan’s version, you’re in for a truly breathtaking uplifting experience.

Aly & Fila x FKN feat. Jahala - How Long [2008]
Made in tandem with FKN and Jahala (both from Norway), ‘How Long’ is one of the earliest Aly & Fila productions and their first original vocal piece. This track came to be after Aly & Fila remixed FKN and Jahala’s 2007 single ‘Why?’ and still counts as a favorite to innumerable Trance fans.

Markus Schulz & Andy Moor - Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Uplifting Remix) (vocals by unknown) [2008]
This one should be putting an incredibly wide smile on the faces of all uplifting lovers out there. While Markus Schulz and Andy Moor’s original version is definitely an impressive track in its own right, Lemon & Einar K’s uplifting rendition is simply out of this world. The only downside is that no one seems to know who these gorgeous vocals belong to. Carrie Skipper is the main suspect here, but it’s unfortunately nothing more than a hunch.

Markus Schulz feat. Dauby - Perfect (Agnelli & Nelson Remix) [2008]
One year after coming up trumps with their version of John O’Callaghan and Audrey Gallagher’s ‘Big Sky’, Irish pair Agnelli & Nelson were asked to remix Markus Schulz’s 2008 single ‘Perfect’, taken from his 2007 album ‘Progression’. The vocals of Miami-based songstress Dauby Talles perfectly fit the energetic production, making this track a welcome addition to any vocal trance playlist.

Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab feat. Justine Suissa - Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Edit) [2008]
‘Sirens Of The Sea’ was the title track of Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa’s debut album as Oceanlab, released about three months prior to the full album release in July 2008. Like many of the songs on that album, this track builds upon the irresistibly tranquil sound that helped Oceanlab become such a staple within the trance scene.

Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Stephen Pickup - No More Alone [2008]
Another stalwart of the trance scene makes his acquaintance, and it’s Giuseppe Ottaviani, who was also one half of trance / hard trance producer team Nu NRG. Though more well-known now as a solo artist than he was back when this track, ‘No More Alone’, was released, the Italian DJ and producer has been turning a lot of heads with his euphoric productions, of which this vocal piece featuring Stephen Pickup is a prime example.

Anton Sonin feat. Sari - Undone [2008]
Most trance fans will only know Finnish DJ/producer Anton Sonin from his work on Super8 & Tab’s ever-popular 2010 release ‘Black Is The New Yellow’, but this vocal cut also deserves to be placed in the limelight. Featuring fellow Finnish songstress Sari (Sari Saarelainen) and progressive/trance producer AMX (also from Finland), ‘Undone’ will forever remain an incredible record worthy of the vocal trance classic stamp.

Dash Berlin, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run [2009]
It should come as no surprise at all that this heart-wrenching vocal trance song got voted #8 in Armin van Buuren's All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list. Also nominated for ‘Best Trance Track’ in 2009 at the International Dance Music Awards, ‘Man On The Run’ was only the second-ever original single from Dash Berlin, following on from breakout hit ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’. Credits also go to Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren for their writing (and singing) contributions to such an emotional song.

John O'Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Original Mix // Cosmic Gate Remix) [2009]
Originally released on Captivating Sounds (later rebranded to Armada Captivating), John O’Callaghan’s ‘Find Yourself’ showcases a dance-pop hook that would star in a lot of other JOC singles later on. For the purists among us, there’s also a remix from Cosmic Gate that hammers the dance floor a bit better. The choice is all yours!

Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab - On A Good Day [2009]
We don’t need to tell you that an Oceanlab single always strikes gold. After all, you simply can’t say no to the Oceanlab sound and Justine Suissa’s heavenly vocals. But we can imagine it’s incredibly hard to pick between the original version, the banging and highly uplifting remix from Danish producer Daniel Kandi or the 2010 mash-up with Gareth Emery’s ‘Metropolis’. So we'll just leave you here with the original and let you go from there.

Dash Berlin & Emma Hewitt – Waiting [2009]
Just looking at the two acts involved will tell you how much support this track got (and still gets) within the trance community. Made by Dash Berlin and one of the genre’s most beloved vocalists (Emma Hewitt), ‘Waiting’ hits home like no other. And how could it not with its heartfelt lyrics and flawless vocal delivery.

Claudia Cazacu feat. Audrey Gallagher – Freefalling [2009]
An all-female link-up here, and a very impressive track too. Helmed by the signature sonic traits of Romanian-born, London-based DJ and producer Claudia Cazacu and famed songstress Audrey Gallagher, ‘Freefalling’ is an uplifting banger that still gets the crowd going big time.

John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Take It All Away [2009]
Featured on John O’Callaghan’s 2009 album ‘Never Fade Away’, ‘Take It All Away’ could very well be considered the follow-up to his massively appreciated ‘Big Sky’. Combining a high-energy production with the unmistakable vocals of Audrey Gallagher (who, in case you forgot, also starred in ‘Big Sky’), this track simply brings together all that’s good in trance land. We'd also like to issue a shout-out to Marcus Schössow for his Nu Prog Remix, which was released on the ‘Never Fade Away’ remix album one year later.

John O'Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar - Never Fade Away (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) [2009]
And here’s the title track of that 2009 album we just mentioned, remixed by none other than Italian trance hero Giuseppe Ottaviani. The vocal comes from L.A. singer-songwriter Heather Pollock under the guise of Lo-Fi Sugar, and while we could’ve easily gone for the downtempo, semi-ambient original or Andy Duguid’s version, Giuseppe Ottaviani’s uplifting rendition got us most excited.

Ferry Corsten feat. Maria Nayler - We Belong [2009]
Way before this 2009 single, British songstress Maria Nayler had already performed on tracks from the likes of Way Out West, the late Robert Miles and Kyau & Albert. She even peaked at #17 in the official UK charts with her 1995 collab with Sasha, ‘Be As One’. Together with Ferry Corsten’s banging production, her vocal presence on ‘We Belong’ made it a no-brainer for inclusion in this list.

Paul Webster feat. Angelic Amanda - Time (Sean Tyas Remix) [2009]
Another incredible vocal trance record that made it into Armin van Buuren’s fan-voted all-time A State Of Trance Top 1000 is this uplifting remix from New York-born, Switzerland-based producer Sean Tyas. The heavenly vocals come from London’s Amanda O’Riordan, who – fun fact – is the wife of Judge Jules (Jules O’Riordan) and formed British Trance group Angelic with Judge Jules and Darren Tate, hence the name Angelic Amanda.

Angelic – It’s My Turn (Daz Bailey Remix) [2009]
Speaking of which, Angelic (Judge Jules, Darren Tate, Amanda O’Riordan) dropped a record in the year 2000 called ‘It’s My Turn’, which peaked at #11 in the U.K. singles charts. For the song’s rerelease in 2009, a relatively unknown U.K. artist called Daz Bailey whipped up this remix, and it became the most popular version of that rerelease. Daz Bailey even ended up remixing Kaskade & Deadmau5’s ‘Move For Me’ as well as John O’ Callaghan and Sarah Howells’ ‘Find Yourself’, but that’s a story for another time.

Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Ana Criado – Sunset Boulevard [2009]
A great one for all uplifting lovers out there, and they’ll have guessed as much simply by looking at the artist credits. Alex M.O.R.P.H.'s high-energy sound has been at the helm of countless timeless tunes, and ‘Sunset Boulevard’ featuring Dutch songstress Ana Criado is without a doubt one of them. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out Ben Nicky’s 2018 update.

Nic Chagall feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment (Prog Mix) [2009]
The Prog Mix of ‘This Moment’, which Armin van Buuren handpicked for Chapter 4 of his globally renowned ‘Universal Religion’ series, comes from the hand of German DJ and producer Nic Chagall, who, surprise surprise, is one half of Cosmic Gate. American singer-songwriter Jonathan Mendelsohn, who has collaborated with a wide range of artists, was also featured on Dash Berlin’s IDMA-nominated vocal single ‘Better Half Of Me’ (2011).

Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin - Made Of Love [2009]
Before singing on John O’Callaghan’s 2011 single ‘Save This Moment’, Betsie Larkin lent her standout vocals to Ferry Corsten for two singles on his 2009 album ‘Twice In A Blue Moon’. The first was ‘Feel You’ (uncredited) and the second was ‘Made Of Love’, which would end up getting its own single release as well. Taking the album’s Spotify streams into account, ‘Made Of Love’ was the most popular album single by far. For good reason: the combination of Ferry Corsten’s unique trance sound and Betsie Larkin’s distinct timbre is still going strong to this day.

Andy Moor vs Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon – Faces [2009]
Such an incredible collab between Andy Moor and Ashley Wallbridge! Graced with the now-iconic vocals of Irish-Jamaican vocalist Meighan Nealon and an authentic bassline that blends the pair’s respective styles, ‘Faces’ became a mainstay in many a trance fan’s shortlist of classics.

BT feat. JES - Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix) [2009]
While BT’s excellent original composition strays just a bit too far from the trance space in order to call it one of the genre’s vocal classics, Armin van Buuren’s remix does an excellent job of finding the sweet spot between instrumental charm and club suitability. JES’ breathy vocals help elevate the sections that are less dance-floor-oriented, ensuring that this track equals easy listening throughout.

Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Beggin’ You (Armin van Buuren Remix) [2009]
In that same year – 2009, that is – Armin van Buuren created another remix around a stellar vocal. Released on his own Armind label and featured on a myriad of vocal trance and trance classic compilation albums since, his remix of Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren’s ‘Beggin’ You’ remains a fan favorite to this day.

Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab – Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix) [2009]
Not counting the ‘On A Good Day (Metropolis)’ mash-up, there’s only been one occasion where Above & Beyond and Gareth Emery mingled. And that occasion was this incredible remix of ‘Lonely Girl’. Gareth Emery’s driving sound is a perfect match with Justine Suissa’s vocals. When paired together, you get a vocal trance classic able to withstand the test of time.

Paul van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid - Home (Cosmic Gate Remix) [2009]
A rather elegant remix from German heavy-hitters Cosmic Gate, although the raw bassline does put some extra weight behind it. ‘Home’ was originally produced by Paul van Dyk in tandem with Northern Irish Johnny McDaid, the Snow Patrol member who’d also collaborated with Paul van Dyk as part of Vega4 on his 2003 single ‘Time Of Our Lives’. His soaring vocals pair up particularly well with Cosmic Gate’s anthemic synth section, making this an essential addition to any vocal trance classics shortlist.

Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders – Sanctuary [2010]
Voted the second best track of 2010 in the ASOT Tune Of The Year voting, ‘Sanctuary’ was released first as a single on Gareth Emery’s Garuda label before getting included on his debut album, ‘Northern Lights’, about a month and a half later. The exquisite vocal presence is courtesy of U.K. vocalist Lucy Saunders, who also lent her crystalline voice to ‘Fight The Sunrise’ on that same album. Uplifting trance fans will also appreciate Sean Tyas’ signature remix, which was released alongside the single.

Armin van Buuren feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Not Giving Up On Love [2010]
Back when tapping into the seemingly bottomless well of pop stars wasn’t done as often as today, Armin van Buuren reached out to chart-topping U.K. songstress Sophie Ellis-Bextor for a new single on his fourth studio album, ‘Mirage’. ‘Not Giving Up On Love’, which was also included on Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s fourth studio album, became one of the most popular tracks from that album, won an IDMA for ‘Best Trance Track’ (not even mentioning the additional IDMA nomination for ‘Best Commercial Dance Track’) and even made it to #3 in Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart in the United States.

Motionchild & Will Holland feat. Tiff Lacey - Arctic Kiss (Andy Blueman Remix) [2010]
Most uplifting trance fans will dare state that anything Andy Blueman touches turns into the gold, and this remix of Motionchild, Will Holland and Tiff Lacey’s 2010 release ‘Arctic Kiss’ is no exception. It’s also one of the rare Andy Blueman gems that features vocals, matched only by his remix of DNS Project’s ‘Timestep’ (feat. Johanna) and A State Of Trance favorite ‘Time To Rest’, although the vocal presence in both is minimal.

Zoo Brazil feat. Leah - You Can Have It All (George Acosta Remix) [2010]
Listed at #655 in Armin van Buuren’s All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list is this version of ‘You Can Have It All’ by Grammy nominated producer Zoo Brazil and songstress Leah. The remix comes from Miami-based DJ and producer George Acosta, whose 2010 singles ‘I Know’ (feat. Tiff Lacey) and ‘Tearing Me Apart’ (feat. Fisher) almost made it into this list as well.

Shogun feat. Emma Lock – Save Me [2010]
‘Save Me’ was the second-ever single of Asian-American artist Shogun and the first of three vocals singles featuring Emma Lock (‘Imprisoned’ (2010) and ‘Run To My Rescue’ (2011)). This single kickstarted an amazing run for the American-born Taiwanese, who even ended up charting in DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs list four times, with a #42 peak position in 2016.

John O'Callaghan feat. Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [2010]
Another vocal trance classic from John O'Callaghan taken from his 2009 album ‘Never Fade Away’, this time through the more uplifting and energetic treatment of German pair Stoneface & Terminal. And the best thing is that we get to open our can of fun facts again; the vocals come from U.S. songstress Josie Voight, who is actually the sister of Jaren. Can you hear the similarities in the vocal?

Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor – Found [2010]
Two years after the success of ‘Lost’, Sunlounger and Zara Taylor finally released the long-anticipated follow-up in the form of the aptly titled ‘Found’. It’s more upbeat and less melancholic than its 2008 counterpart and maybe also a tad less iconic, but it still made it into Armin van Buuren’s All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list.

Yuri Kane - Right Back (vocals by Kate Walsh) [2010]
Released on Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings, ‘Right Back’ was the debut single of Russian producer Yuri Kane. He hadn't been very well known up to that point, but that didn’t stop him from wowing the global trance scene with this amazing record. The song, which became the ASOT Tune of The Year in 2010, features the (uncredited) vocals of U.K. songstress Kate Walsh, who would later collaborate with the likes of Chicane and Dash Berlin.

Susana, Omnia, The Blizzard – Closer (Album Mix) [2010]
‘Closer’ from Susana, Omnia and The Blizzard wasn’t just the title track of the Dutch songstress' debut album, but also the brilliant opening record of Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance 2010’ mix album. Her recognizable vocal tones achieve perfect harmony with Omnia and The Blizzard’s production, making it one of the standout records in this list.

Max Graham Feat. Neev Kennedy - Sun In The Winter (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [2010]
On disc two of that same album (‘A State Of Trance 2010’), you’ll find an absolute banger of a track from Alex M.O.R.P.H. Max Graham and Neev Kennedy had already laid down a solid original record, but the German DJ and producer couldn’t resist giving it his uplifting treatment. The track was the second best performing track on 'A State Of Trance 2010', trumping tunes such as ‘Lovers Lane’ by Ørjan Nilsen and ‘She Moves’ by Andy Moor and Carrie Skipper.

Andy Moor feat. Carrie Skipper – She Moves [2010]
Speaking of which, 'She Moves' is a very impressive vocal trance tune in its own right. History has shown that you can’t go wrong with the Andy Moor vs Carrie Skipper tandem, and this classic is no exception.

Triple A - Winter Stayed (Armin van Buuren's On The Beach Intro Mix) [2011]
‘Winter Stayed’ was the first and only record composed by Armin van Buuren, German DJ/producer Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Dutch songstress Ana Criado under their Triple A moniker, but that didn’t keep the global Trance crowd from embracing every second of it. Armin van Buuren’s On The Beach Intro Mix popped up first as the opening track of the 'A State Of Trance 2011' album, and an additional mix from Alex M.O.R.P.H. completed the route as part of the single's standalone release on Armin van Buuren’s own Armind label.

Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Fight The Sunrise [2011]
‘Fight The Sunrise’ was the second track on Gareth Emery’s 2010 album ‘Northern Lights’ that featured the silky vocals of Lucy Saunders. The song got its own standalone release as a single in 2011 with remixes from the likes of Mark Eteson, Daniel Kandi and Andy Duguid, with Daniel Kandi’s uplifting and aptly titled ‘Rise Mix’ receiving a play on A State Of Trance as well.

Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Sun & Moon [2011]
Three tracks from Above & Beyond’s 2011 album ‘Group Therapy’ made the cut, and none of you will be surprised that this is one of them. ‘Sun & Moon’, which is one of the many A&B tracks featuring British Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Richard Bedford, scooped up an IDMA nomination for ‘Best Trance Track’ and is one of the most popular songs ever made by the U.K. trio.

iio feat. Nadia Ali - Rapture // (Armin van Buuren Remix) [2011]
While Armin van Buuren’s original remix of iio and Nadia Ali's Ibiza club favorite ‘Rapture’ goes as far back as its 2001 release on United Recordings, we had no choice but to pick the Remastered version from 2011. Not because it’s the only version available on Spotify, but simply because the updated version does it the most justice.

Andain - Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Remix) [2011]
Hungarian duo Myon & Shane 54 had been scoring regular plays on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show since 2008 with an array of delightful tracks, but this Summer Of Love Remix of Andain’s ‘Promises’ trumps all. Fusing light-as-air chords with Mavie Marcos’ flawless vocal delivery is the perfect recipe for instant goosebumps.

Ørjan Nilsen feat. Neev Kennedy - Anywhere But Here [2011]
Norwegian Trance titan Ørjan Nilsen hasn't produced to a lot of vocal trance records, but his 2011 song featuring Irish singer-songwriter Neev Kennedy fills the void remarkably well. It was a touch more progressive than his usual productions back in the day, but the remixes from Radion6 and Bjorn Akesson complement the original version nicely in that regard.

Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy - So Caught Up [2011]
Up pop the warm vocals of Ireland’s Neev Kennedy again, this time in collaboration with British DJ Max Graham. The track was featured on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance 2011’ album and has just the right, unforgettable vocal hook to deserve a spot in this list.

Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [2011]
For ‘Fight The Fire’, Andy Moor worked with U.K. songstress Sue McLaren, who would later perform on his 2012 single ‘Trespass’ as well. The remix from German pair Stoneface & Terminal only got released on an Armada Music sampler and on Armin van Buuren’s ‘Universal Religion Chapter 5’, but that didn’t stop the global trance crowd from voting it into the All-Time A State Of Trance Top 1000 list.

John O'Callaghan feat. Betsie Larkin - Save This Moment (Gareth Emery Remix) [2011]
It’s not the first remix of Gareth Emery that wowed his fans and it wouldn’t end up being the last either. His version of ‘Save This Moment’ brings a bit more groove and danceability to the table compared to John O’Callaghan’s original version, but still keeps its trancy attitude. Thumbs up for Betsie Larkin’s elegant vocals too!

Mark Eteson feat. Audrey Gallagher – Breathe On My Own [2011]
In 2011, Mark Eteson released this incredible vocal piece on Gareth Emery’s Garuda label, and it’s easy to hear why it got Emery’s stamp of approval. 'Breathe On My Own' is powerful, uplifting and inspiring, both in Audrey Gallagher's vocal delivery and the British DJ and producer's production.

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – You Got To Go [2011]
What a record to end this list with! It’s the third inclusion from Above & Beyond’s ‘Alchemy’ album and easily one of the most inspiring and uplifting anthems we chose to feature in this Top 100 of vocal trance classics. Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston have been among the most beloved vocal trance contributors, and this classic shows exactly why they’re still a staple in the world of trance music today.