The 10 Best Trance Tracks Of The Moment – According To Chicane

If there’s anyone with an unblemished sense of what makes Trance music tick, it’s Chicane. The U.K. DJ and producer has been one of the genre’s flag-bearers since he helped shape the genre through evergreen classics such as ‘Offshore’ (1997) and ‘Saltwater’ (2000), and his unique taste in music has won over countless Trance fans from all over the globe. So the question is: who better to ask for a personal selection of must-listen Trance tracks? The answer is no one, so here are the 10 best Trance tracks of the moment according to Chicane.

#10 Above & Beyond – I Saw Good
‘I Saw Good’ is an amazing new track from the boys from Above & Beyond, who I feel always deliver. It’s super epic and really has everything you look for in a big Trance track. Love this tune!

#9 Morgan Page & Matt Fax – The Longest Road To The Ground (feat. Lizzie)

This track is actually two fantastic tunes put together: Morgan Page’s ‘The Longest Road’ (feat. Lizzie) and Matt Fax’s ‘To The Ground’. It sounds bloody great! I always thought those tracks had huge radio potential, and this version proves it.

#8 Boxer – Blue Planet

I don’t really have anything else to say other than that I love how moody this tune is. It has a really hypnotic vibe to it, which keeps pulling me back in time and time again. Courtesy of fellow-U.K. DJ and producer Boxer.

#7 Hello Machines – Air
This is one of my personal favorites from the ‘Sun:Sets 2019’ album. It’s a funky tune with some great elements that get me reminiscing about how the Trance tunes of old used to go. Love this track!

#6 Jody Wisternoff – The Bridge (Chicane Rework)
This version was released back in 2015, and I had such a good time creating the rework of this amazing tune. It echoes my own track ‘Saltwater’ in a lot of ways, and I played this out to death before eventually placing it on my ‘Sun:Sets 2018’ album.

#5 Ruben de Ronde – They Are Not You (LTN Remix)

Also featured on the ‘Sun:Sets 2018’ album, this brilliant remix of Ruben de Ronde’s ‘They Are Not You’ comes from Indonesian producer LTN. It’s the breakdown near the end with that hooky little riff that gets me every time.

#4 Andrew Bayer & Ilan Bluestone – Destiny

Talking about amazing tracks. The intro of Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone’s ‘Destiny’ is massive and epic, and I found it to be a very emotive record too. I love this track and played it out so much.

#3 Deadmau5 feat. Chris James – The Veldt

‘The Veldt’ is Mr. Zimmerman at the top of his game, especially since he doesn’t really play keys. He draws in the notes on the screen and gets such a unique sound, which really comes to fruition in this gorgeous track.

#2 Aly & Fila vs Scott Bond & Charlie Walker - Shadow (Paul Thomas Remix)
One of the reasons I love this remix from Paul Thomas so much is that it has the same sort of rumbling bassline I used on ‘Offshore’. Paired with the updated production and the positively haunting melody, this version of ‘Shadow’ just makes me want to push repeat forever.

#1 System F - Out Of The Blue (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

For me, this is the uncontested #1 Trance track of the moment. Ilan Bluestone’s remix of ‘Out Of The Blue’ is a great interpretation of what I feel is one of the most seminal Trance classics, originally created by my dear old chum ‘fizzy’ Corsten under his System F alias.

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