4 Things Maor Levi Wished He Knew Before Getting Into The Music Business

Maor Levi has been making waves in the music Industry since the age of 15 and we couldn't but ask him about all the lessons he learned so far. So make sure to give the full interview a read below.

1. Always have a plan 'B'.
It's important to understand that sometimes (especially in the beginning of your musical journey), you always have to have a plan B. The industry can be very saturated, and getting into this industry doesn't always directly mean success. You need true dedication, patience and originality in order to succeed. This also means taking big risks sometimes.

2. Always prepare for the worst during live performances.

This could be anything from technical failures to low energy from the crowd. Always perform because you love what you do and not because you have certain expectations.

3. Traveling is key. Make it your thing!

If traveling is not your thing, this could be a big obstacle for you. Music is a universal language and it creates bonds and connections all around the world. Traveling is key for spreading your music and it really helps grow your personality as a musician. This includes networking and marketing for your artist brand. You want to always create even bigger opportunities and establish new relationships within the industry.

4. Make sure to get enough sleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep! I can't stress this enough. I didn't know how valuable sleep can be to function properly with this hectic lifestyle, but every minute you can rest your body - do it! It's one thing that is being overlooked by many people, but it is the most crucial for your focus as a touring musician, as well as for your mental state.

Maor recently dropped a double release on Armind called 'One Love featuring Nyla and 'My Eyes' featuring Roel. Check them out below!