Maurice West

MIDI Pack for Big Room & Progressive House

  • 45 melodies across big room, progressive house and melodic house & techno
  • Composed by Maurice West
  • Royalty-free
  • Downloadable Product
  • €14,99

Listen to the trailer of Maurice West's MIDI Pack for Big Room & Progressive House

Maurice West's MIDI pack for big room and progressive house provides the perfect base for your next stadium-slamming, speaker-busting banger. All composed by the celebrated Dutchman for the new generation of music producers, these 45 melodies are royalty free and usable across big room, progressive house and even melodic house & techno, giving you the melodic foundation to produce a mainstage beast of your own.

The MIDI files contain all the melodic information upon loading them into a synth’s piano roll or MIDI track. Just drag, drop and get to work creating your most stomping track yet to further the legacy of Maurice West.

Maurice West’s MIDI Pack includes:
- 15 melodies for big room (bass + lead melody)
- 15 melodies for progressive house (bass + chords + lead melody)
- 15 melodies for melodic house & techno (bass + chords + lead melody)

Product Explanation
This product contains only MIDI files, not audio samples or presets. MIDI files can be used by loading them into a piano roll or MIDI track within a DAW of your choosing.

Disclaimer and Purchase Information

- This product will be delivered as digitally downloadable files, which will be available for download instantly upon purchase. No physical product will be shipped.
- All melodies used in the demonstration files are copyrighted to the respective owners.