Ableton Template for Progressive Trance, Melodic House & Techno

  • A full song template
  • Designed by AVIRA
  • DAW: Ableton Live ((version 10.1.9 or newer)
  • No third-party plugins required
  • Royalty-free sounds and samples
  • Downloadable Product
  • €19,99

Listen to AVIRA's Ableton Template

This custom Ableton template from AVIRA is the perfect learning opportunity and starting point for your next production, whether progressive trance, melodic house or techno. The Canadian DJ and producer, who frequently collaborates with Armin van Buuren and officially remixed tracks such as ‘Silence’ (by Delerium), ‘Saltwater’ (by Chicane), ‘Strange World’ (by M.I.K.E. Push) and ‘Communication’ (Armin van Buuren), created this template solely with Ableton’s stock plugins, which means you don’t need to own any third-party plugins in order to get the full studio experience.

AVIRA’s Ableton template contains everything you hope to find in a full project file, from royalty-free samples to mixer settings to channel effects and plugin settings. Learn from AVIRA’s approach, see how he structures his track and balances the mix, or just grab the bits and pieces you like for your own productions.

Product Compatibility
This product requires Ableton Live (version 10.1.9 or newer) in order to function correctly. Please verify (or update) your version of Ableton before purchasing the template. Refunds will not be given to customers who do need meet this minimum requirement.

Disclaimer and Purchase Information

- This product will be delivered as digitally downloadable files, which will be available for download instantly upon purchase. No physical product will be shipped.
- Whilst all individual samples and sounds in this template are royalty free, you cannot present the template as your own track. The compositional elements of the track (i.e. the main melody) are protected under copyright law.