6 Music Production Tips To Become a Beatport Top 10 Producer

Almost all producers tend to dream big, and we dare say you’re one of them. You’ve had your sights on a Top 10 spot in your favorite genre’s Beatport chart ever since you fired up a DAW, and learned that it’s quite a tough nut to crack. But we can assure you there are ways to learn from the artists who’ve already crossed this achievement off their musical bucket lists, and with Top 10-selling producers Kideko and Saffron Stone providing the below producers tips, we’re certain that Beatport Top 10 spot is almost within reach for you. Check out their recent collab ‘The Music’ (House chart #2), soak up their music production tips and make those big dreams of yours come true!

Structure your ideas and take breaks when you feel you’re stuck
You’re not the only one who gets stuck in an 8-bar loop every now and then. Once you have the main idea in place, try to structure out a full track even if all of the elements aren’t there yet. It helps you form new ideas and shows you where the track can go. Lacking focus or inspiration? Go for a walk, eat lunch or do some shopping. You’ll be blessed with a fresh perspective once you set foot in the studio again.

Don't be afraid to get creative
Although trying to imitate a certain genre or sound is a great way to learn and master the foundation of music production, it's important not to get too caught up in 'what's hot'. You may end up sounding like everyone else, and that isn’t what you want listeners to remember you by. There’s a solution though. If you find your song has too many familiar sounds, try layering them with something inherently different, sounds that may even draw from a different genre. No one ever became a (dance) music pioneer by thinking inside the box, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Reference your mixes

Sonically comparing your music to the tracks you like is super important. Especially in dance music, your productions needs to be up to par with your favorite producers’ tracks, because they won’t stand out in DJ sets otherwise. If you don’t have the best monitors, speakers or listening environment (acoustics), referencing with visual analyzers can be super useful too. And definitely make sure that your kick drums are loud enough and that your hi-hats aren’t too harsh!

Don’t forget to tell the story
Producing a record is more than just filling up the various parts of a mold. You should always think of the journey of the track and the story it’s looking to tell. If you were to write a novel, you wouldn’t just grab a chapter only to copy-paste it a few pages further, and it’s the same with music. Follow the natural progression of the story by letting your track transition from element to element, keeping in mind where the record came from. If you follow this advice carefully, you’ll notice that your track will come alive and that there’ll be something new for listeners around every corner. Every time the bass or kick drum comes out and then back it, make it a little different. Make sure that no moment as the same. A book won’t, let alone life itself.

Get a feel for club arrangements

Having trouble creating the arrangement for a club record? Try copying the arrangement of someone else's track that you feel works well in the club. Put it into your DAW and drag it out so you can see the waveform, then arrange yours the same way. You’ll get a feel for how the energy is built over the length of the track. Do this often enough and you’ll learn what works best for you and how to perfect the art of arranging yourself.

Don't neglect the grooves and transitions

Grooves are more than just percussion placement up front. Background elements and ambient sounds can work really well to enhance it, and you can also add to the groove by subtly adding loops to the background and processing them in a creative way. This counts for transitions as well; there’s more to it than just adding a new sound to indicate the start of the next section. You can use subtle effects to roll into the next section and blend the pieces together or mask the change of adding a new element. You’ll find it’ll allow for a much smoother (and more enjoyable) listening experience for everyone granting your track a listen.

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