The Top 10 Melodic Techno Tracks of 2020 – According to AVIRA

2020 was without a doubt the year of AVIRA. The Canadian DJ and producer popped up on the dance music radar at the start of the year and immediately set about spoiling dance music fans with a sound so hypnotic it took the entire scene by surprise. Considering the impact his own productions have had on a global scale, we just had to sit down with him to discuss his view on the Top 10 Melodic Techno Tracks of 2020. Spoiler: this list is awesome!

#10 Lyke - Arose
Lyke’s ‘Arose’ is a surprisingly refreshing tune that definitely got some serious airtime in my car this year!

#9 Romina & Franck Dona - No Education (Tone Depth Remix)

I was already familiar with the sounds of Tone Depth, but this remix of ‘No Education’ really struck gold for me. I had a few chances to play this classic-turned-club banger live this year and it completely blows the roof off any stage.

#8 Maxim Lany - Closer

I was fortunate enough to get to know Maxim this year, and this record shows to me that he is here to stay. A super minimal approach and an infectious vocal made ‘Closer’ an easy Top 10 pick for me.

#7 Eli & Fur - Fuse (Patrice Bäumel Remix)

It seemed like I was playing this remix from Patrice Bäumel on every stream this year. Its production is so flawless it just had to keep coming back into my playlist.

#6 Kasablanca - Be There
The guys from Kasablanca made quite a buzz this year. It’s hard to pick the track of theirs that I like the most, but ‘Be There’ is a sure-fire hit for me.

#5 Hollt - Halos

This track is simply perfect. The energy and power is undisputed and I think this will find its way into my sets well into 2021. Definitely keep an eye out for Hollt.

#4 VERWEST - 5 Seconds Before Sunrise

What is there left to say about this record? Tiësto managed to encapsulate the essence of his former Trance days in a way that fits the sound of today and make his fans old and new very excited!

#3 AVIRA feat. Diana Miro - The Worship

This record has been a life-changer. For what was probably my first "big single", the reception from fans around the world has been absolutely baffling and I'm so excited to be able to share this with crowds when the world is back to normal. Diana Miro is without a doubt one of the biggest voices of this generation.

#2 Armin van Buuren & AVIRA feat. Sam Martin - Mask
From the moment I heard the soaring strings and Sam's haunting voice, I knew this was going to change lives. Being the opening track to Armin's Tomorrowland set this year, I was honestly at a loss for words on how to describe it. I'm going to play this every chance I get.

#1 Armin van Buuren & AVIRA feat. Be No Rain - Hollow

Game-changer. When Armin and I first started collaborating, we wanted to set the stage for this year. We wanted to find the sound that would not only fit, but lead the way in 2020. With a little bit of experimentation and the undoubtedly unique addition by Be No Rain, this is the track I am most proud of this year.

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