Love for Ukraine

Like so many others around us, we are deeply affected and saddened by the recent events in Ukraine and very concerned for the welfare of all innocent people whose lives are being torn apart. Whilst it’s not in our power to actively put an end to this unspeakable act of violence, we know that any form of support can make a difference and, hopefully, lessen the hurt.

Should you be looking for a way to offer support for the people who’ve lost their loved ones, their homes and everything else they were forced to leave behind, you can join our fundraiser. We have joined the industry-wide initiative of the Dutch cultural sector and donated €10.000 to Giro 555, a trustworthy and internationally accepted organisation that will ensure that any and all donations will be used to provide food, water and shelter to Ukrainians in dire need. With your help, we’d like to double that amount.

You can donate whatever you can to help the victims of this terrible crisis. Even a few euros can make a difference, so let us stand united. #stopthewar