The Top 10 House Tracks of 2021 - According to Cat Dealers

As one of the duos currently spearheading the house movement, Cat Dealers know like no other what a track needs to set the dance floor on fire. And since we love hanging out with the super-talented Brazilian brothers so much, we sat down with them to discuss their Top 10 house tracks of 2021.

10. Chris Lake & NPC – A Drug From God
This new Chris Lake track is so dope. We don't play ‘A Drug From God’ very often, but when we do, it goes HARD.

9. Acraze - Do It To It

‘Do It To It’ is probably the most played track of 2021 across the mainstream stages. We’ve been playing it every single show since it was released, and it’s been so great to see DJs freely migrate to new music style like Acraze did.

8. Elton John & Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (Claptone Remix)

We’ve always been big fans of both Dua Lipa and Elton John, and the way Claptone remixed ‘Cold Heart’ made us really excited. He kept the classy energy of the original ‘Cold Heart’, but also turned it into a beautifully versatile club track.

7. Joshwa & Lee Foss - My Humps

‘My Humps’ by Joshwa and Lee Foss also one of the tracks we’ve been playing almost every gig. We love mixing our tracks with remixes of nostalgic songs, and the crowd loves it too.

6. GORDO - Taraka
The way Carnage made his comeback with his new project (GORDO) isn’t just an inspiration for DJs already in the scene, but also for newcomers. We feel that he is deeply honest with his music listeners will be able to feel that all throughout ‘Taraka’.

5. Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc, Roland Clark - Free

Representing our Brazilian energy, ‘Free’ is a track that really touched us because of the lyrics. The speech of finally being free of the pandemic and getting back on tour gives us goosebumps. Also it's a banger everywhere we play it. Big thumbs up to Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc and Roland Clark.

4. Diplo & Damian Lazarus feat. Jungle - Don't Be Afraid

This song by Diplo and Damian Lazarus is more introspective. We haven’t played it yet, but we’ve been listening to it all the time over the past months. We love the energy, as well as the synths and percussion.

3. NTO - Invisible
This must be one of our favorites this year. As with the previous track, ‘Invisible’ is also one of the songs we have been listening a lot to without playing it in our shows. It’s very creative, catchy and emotional. Huge congrats to NTO for pulling this off

2. Eli Brown - Pulling Me Back

This is one of the best progressive house tracks we heard this year. Eli Brown has made a lot of great music recently and we really enjoy the vibe of ‘Pulling Me Back’. Great vocals and melody.

1. Öwnboss & Sevek - Move Your Body

Another track of Brazilian heritage, made by our friend Eduardo (Öwnboss). We love his tracks and play one of his remixes or this new original mix almost every show we play. ‘Move Your Body’ quickly went viral thanks to TikTok, and we just love to see our friends going places with their music.

Need more house goodness to satisfy your needs? Give our House Top 1000 playlist a listen via the Spotify player to the left or by hitting the button below.

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