10 Must-Watch Music Videos Released In 2020

If you’re among the 4.8 million people subscribed to the Armada Music YouTube channel, chances are you’ve seen your fair share of music videos and lyric videos rush by. What we love so much about these kind of videos is that the gorgeous visuals strengthen the message of the song and help us enjoy the music in more ways than one. So now that the year is drawing to a close, we felt this was the right time to list our favorite music videos of 2020 and show you which videos make for the best audiovisual experience!

Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis 2.0 (MEDUZA Remix)
As if reimagining one of the biggest dance classics of all time wasn’t enough to get everyone’s attention, the guys from Grammy-nominated staple act MEDUZA teamed up with us to deliver you this incredible music video. From the sun-sea-and-sand imagery and the MEDUZA statue rising from the water to the almost movie-like title screens, this music video perfectly complements the Ibiza vibe of both the original record and this incredible remix.

Youngr – Memories
Many of you may know U.K. multi-instrumentalist Youngr from the incredible live bootleg videos that went viral on YouTube a few years back. The music video of ‘Memories’ combines similar footage of him working his magic as a gifted musician with additional scenes that reflect on the track title and hit home in so many ways. Just like his music, it’s the perfect combination of heartfelt emotion and musical prowess.

Tensnake feat. Boy Matthews - Somebody Else
'Somebody Else’ (feat, Boy Matthews) is one of the brilliant tracks from Tensnake’s recent L.A. album, and its music video is just as riveting. Both the song and the music video tell a compelling story, and there’s a great twist at the end of the music video too. Definitely something to check out.

Loud Luxury and Frank Walker feat. Stephen Puth - Like Gold
With a trademark sound as hypnotic as Loud Luxury’s and a video that perfectly captures the fleeting charm of teenage love, it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with the music video of Loud Luxury, Frank Walker and Stephen Puth’s recent single. It made us feel ‘Like Gold’ up until the unexpected ending, and we reckon it’ll have the same effect on you.

Autograf feat. Papa Ya – Easy
If you’re into lyric videos that have more of a cartoonish look to them, this video for Autograf and Papa Ya’s ‘Easy’ is a must-watch. It’s tailored to the light-hearted and positive attitude of the single itself, which is why we like watching it so much! Happy vibes all around!

ARTY x Audien and Ellee Duke – Craving
Sometimes, the lyrics of a song are just so good that a video doesn’t need to do anything other than add emphasis to the lyrical message. That’s exactly the case with ARTY, Audien and Ellee Duke’s ‘Craving’. Soak up the words through the lyric video and you’ll find it’ll make you love the song even more.

Brando - Look Into My Eyes
Offering an honest look into many people’s party lives, the music video for Brando’s ‘Look Into My Eyes’ is both recognizable and befitting of the lyrical message. And let’s be honest here: if you can pull off wearing a Teletubby costume in a music video, you deserve all the YouTube views in the world.

Lost Frequencies & Mathieu Koss - Don’t Leave Me Now
The struggles of love have always been popular subjects in music due to the fact that so many people can relate, and the same counts for Lost Frequencies’ recent single alongside Mathieu Koss. Add to that a music video that perfectly conveys what the lyrics are saying and you get something special that tugs at the heartstrings every time you watch or listen.

Brando - Don’t Call Me (Galantis Remix)
The lyric video of the Galantis Remix of Brando’s ‘Don’t Call Me’ is so eye-popping we just had to include it in this list. The sketch-style drawings are simply amazing, and so is the remix. A great example of a situation where the sum is greater than its parts: one plus one equals three.

Armin van Buuren feat. Duncan Laurence - Feel Something
And the final mention in this list of ten goes to the official music video of Armin van Buuren and Duncan Laurence’s ‘Feel Something’. Almost the entire video plays out in a glass cube, and there’s such great attention to detail to how one would behave when dealing with the pain of heartbreak that we don’t think we need to explain why this video so perfectly matches the message of the song. A great closing entry to this list and definitely worth a watch if you haven’t already.

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