The Best Dance Songs For Christmas

Dinner is ready, the Christmas tree is lit and your guests are settling into their assigned seats with a smile that reveals just how excited they are for this unforgettable evening with family and friends. But then it suddenly dawns on you… you forgot to prepare a chill playlist to soundtrack this otherwise perfect get-together.

We’re not about to let that happen. So we selected the best dance songs for Christmas and turned it into a forty-track playlist that will make your Christmas dinner the success it deserves to be. Here are 5 songs we couldn’t help but highlight.

Super8 & Tab feat. Jess Ball - Live For Tonight (Acoustic Version)
We all know just how much we look forward to these holiday moments, and the title of this record sums it up quite nicely. With its tender piano tones and the precious vocals of Jess Ball, this acoustic version of Super8 & Tab’s ‘Live For Tonight’ provides the perfect sonic backdrop for every second spent in the company of loved ones.

Armin van Buuren & Davina Michelle - Hold On (Acoustic Version)

A bit stronger in emotion than the previous song, the acoustic version of Armin van Buuren and Davina Michelle’s recent single ‘Hold On’ isn’t exactly your typical Christmas carol, but that specific holiday also isn’t just about having a good time together. It’s also a good opportunity to remind ourselves that others may not be as fortunate in life, and to extend a hand or offer a warm embrace to those who may REALLY need it.

Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy - Reality (Christmas Mix)

The lyrics really do the trick with this one. If you listen closely to this Christmas Mix of Lost Frequencies’ and Janieck Devy’s ‘Reality’ (or the original song, of course), you’ll find that we all go through our ups and downs and that we all have some things we can be eternally grateful for, so why not make the world a better place together? If that’s not the spirit of Christmas, we don’t know what it.

Duvall feat. bshp - Every Song (Acoustic Version)

Ah, the quintessential Christmas love song, but without the overly jolly or bombastic hook most have. The acoustic version of Duvall and bshp’s is not only tender and heart-warming, but also perfect sneaking in a quick glance at your significant other on the other side of the room.

Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee - Christmas Days

You can’t go wrong with a title like that, can you? A special Christmas adaptation of Armin van Buuren and Josh Cumbee’s 2017 single ‘Sunny Days’, ‘Christmas Days’ is magical, uplifting and the perfect incentive for a warm group hug at the end of the night.

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