Brando Releases New Single: 'Don't Call Me'

Brando just added another super-infectious single to his growing discography.

'Don't Call Me,' shows the strength and peace of mind during a breakup. It'll make you see that everything will be alright in the end. To celebrate his newest release we asked him a couple of questions about his new track, so read on for more!

When did you discover your talent in music?

I've been doing things music-related like, choir and performing for my family, since the age of four.

Can you explain what 'Don't Call Me' is about?

'Don't Call Me' is essentially about a break-up, about that bitter feeling you get over an ex, hoping the next person they're going to date won't be as good as you.

For what can we call you up in the middle of the night?

Anything food-related! I love a good restaurant recommendation. Also, when you have a new show to watch on Netflix you can call me for that too ;).

What festival or gig can you not wait to play your new track at once life gets resumed?

Ah, tough call. I would say Coachella - even though there are so many cool festivals to play at.