Armada University

Winter Chill Remix Competition

This contest is now closed and the winners have been announced:

Official release:
- Sebastian Davidson feat. Nathan Nicholson - Late Night Obsession (Danny Da Costa Remix)
- Pablo Nouvelle - Ice (L1ke & Repost Remix)
- Pablo Nouvelle – Ice (Cold Sierra Remix)

Two Armada University courses + two times guaranteed demo feedback:

- Sebastian Davidson feat. Nathan Nicholson - Late Night Obsession (Carlo Danger Remix)
- AVIRA - Miracles (Creay Remix)

Please find the original contest description below:

The winter months and holidays are always great opportunities for producers like you to dive into the studio a bit more, so we thought of a super cool contest for anyone who likes to produce Chill, Downtempo or Ambient music: the Winter Chill Remix Competition.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we will be releasing the stems of five different records in two-week intervals. Your job is to create a Chill Remix of at least one of those records and submit it before the deadline ends. Afterwards, we will select five Chill Remixes as winners, all of which will be officially released as part of Armada University’s forthcoming Chill album.


Currently, the stems of the following record (see the track title in bold) have been made available.
Track 1: Pablo Nouvelle - Ice (listen here)
Track 2: Sebastian Davidson feat. Nathan Nicholson - Late Night Obsession (listen here)

Track 3: Cornelius SA - Diamonds (listen here)
Track 4: AVIRA - Miracles (listen here)

Track 5: Tensnake feat. Fiora - Nightshift (listen here)

Excited? Here’s how you can enter:

Step 1
: Click the below button to visit the remix contest page on LabelRadar.
Step 2
: Download the stems, fire up your DAW and get cracking!
Step 3
: Submit your remix of any of the above tracks via LabelRadar before March 1.
Step 4
: We aim to announce the winner(s) approximately one month after the submission deadline has passed!

Please note that you are only allowed to use the stems for the purpose of the contest. Due to copyright matters, Armada Music cannot give you permission to upload a track that contains the stems to a portal (e.g. Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud etc.).

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