The Top 10 Trance Tracks of 2020 – According to ReOrder

“As we all know, the music industry suffered a significant blow this year. Live gigs dropped down to a minimum and musicians were forced to give up their art and find alternative sources of income to make ends meet. This evidently didn’t stop us though, as there were some really amazing tunes produced this year. It wasn’t an easy take at all considering how many great tracks were released in 2020, but I picked my Top 10 as the year went and found these to make up my Top 10 of 2020. Hope you like ‘em!” - ReOrder

#10 Armin van Buuren & AVIRA - Illusion
This one has been both loved and cursed by Trance fans, but I personally couldn't and still can't get enough of Armin van Buuren and AVIRA’s ‘Illusion’. It’s the perfect combination of Melodic and Trance, and I dare to call it uplifting trance since it absolutely elevates my mood!

#9 Norni - Freedom

I had never heard of Norni until his release on A State Of Trance label, but I can now say with full honesty that this guy is on fire! ‘Freedom’ has some serious balls and the main melody is just off the charts. Bit of a shame it got so overlooked by fans. I personally love this one a lot!

#8 Husman - Cyberpunk

Husman really outdid himself with this one. I had the chance to play a couple festivals in Europe this summer and this track was a complete crowd devastator. The drop speaks for itself; people could tear their hair off when it does! Such a banger!

#7 Gareth Emery feat. Annabel - You'll Be OK (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
Everything Gaz does is just pure melodic wonder with a message that resonates around the globe. I played this one so many times in my livestreams I would need extra fingers and toes to count it! Giuseppe Ottaviani gave it his typical Italian twist. It's catchy, uplifting and very much danceable!

#6 ReOrder & Jordan Tobias - After Tomorrow

This one is something special since we weren't sure if we actually wanted to release this one to the world yet. We were a bit hesitant since it’s very experimental, but Armin picked it up as a Tune Of The Week on ASOT regardless. It is unusual, but so are all styles in the beginning. I had the chance to play it live and it works like a charm! Actually, Jordan even wanted to throw the idea away at first! I am so happy he showed me the vocals!


Speaking of experiments, this was very unexpected from STANDERWICK. We played it for the first time while on stage together as Skypatrol at ASOT950 in Utrecht. This track just sticks out like no other. I have so many fond memories of this track and of ASOT. I even did a VLOG from the festival to memorize it forever!

#4 ReOrder & Sarah De Warren - Back To Life
This year was a difficult one for obvious reasons, but it got even harder for us at home when our doggie Leila got diagnosed with incurable cancer. She fought hard till the last day and even though it was very sad when she left us, she managed to conjure a smile on our faces till the last day. This one is dedicated to her. Every time I play it, it feels like she is here with us. She actually sat on my lap when I produced this one. I could see her head bounce to the beat for real! ;)

#3 LTN feat. Eric Lumiere - Shining (Sam Laxton Remix)

There are some tracks that just sound better and better the more you play them. For me, this one is just doing it. It’s energy from start to finish. Sam Laxton really nailed it and made sure that I’m now always on the lookout for his next piece! My own tracks excluded, I think this remix may have become the most played track during my Twitch livestream.

#2 System F - Out Of The Blue (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

Touch it, feel it and don't mess it up. That is the goal every single time you are remixing a classic like this one. ilan did just that; he kept the original feel and elevated it with his modern sound. It’s a classic refreshed for a younger audience to keep it very much alive! Fun fact: I spoke to ilan and he wasn't very happy and thinks he could do better. If a musician thinks there is room for improvement, it is a true artist :)

#1 ReOrder feat. Bo Bruce - We Are The World
When I produced this, I had no clue what would happen on our little blue planet in 2020. Now when the times are as they are, we should all stick together and be one world. This is what this single is about. Whatever happens, we are one world and we will be ok!

Hope you guys liked my picks and that you too can't wait for 2021. Wishing you all the best in the new year and looking forward to see you on stage somewhere around the globe!

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