The Top 5 Music Video Highlights Of February 2022

Afraid you’ve missed one of the epic music videos we launched last month? We’ve listed our most eye-popping music videos of the month of February, so sit back, press play and dive into these audiovisual masterpieces at your leisure. And if you want to make sure you won’t miss any going forward, hit the button below to stay up to date!

Armin van Buuren & Sam Gray - Human Touch

Together with globally esteemed singer-songwriter Sam Gray, five-time #1 DJ in the world Armin van Buuren recently issued one of his most infectious productions to date. ‘Human Touch’ was (and still is) the song fans have been craving for so long, and it’s colorful lyric video will prove just as rousing.

AVIAN GRAYS feat. Ben Adams - Never Let You Go

Visualizing the track’s funkiness and disco feel, the lyric video of 'Never Let You Go' by AVIAN GRAYS and Ben Adams will get fans going as much as the song itself. Especially with these complementary visuals, this song is up for a permanent position in many a dance fan’s (video) playlist.

Carola - Come With Me

Visually mirroring the track’s crystalline vocals, this gorgeous lyric video is soundtracked by a track called 'Come With Me’ by one of Brazil's most exciting dance music talents: Carola. The song is a mash-up of rough beats, sharp arpeggios and ethereal vocals that express longing, and will take listeners on a particularly captivating journey in tandem with this video.

Armin van Buuren x The Stickmen Project - No Fun

Underling the track’s playful demeanor, the official music video for Armin van Buuren and The Stickmen Project’s ‘No Fun’ shows a group of rebellious children sticking their tongs out to those who kill their mood. With its edgy vocals, thick synths, and strong beats that hammer down without mercy, the track itself is already a great indication that playtime is far from over, and this music video underlines that notion.

KILL SCRIPT - Forever (feat. Crooked Bangs)

The top comment on YouTube says it all. The music is dope, the visuals are dope, so it’s safe to say Kill SCRIPT has a banger on his hands with ‘Forever’ (feat. Crooked Bangs). Whether playing the track or watching the music video for the extra dimension, this song will have you hitting repeat until the end of time itself.