New Music By Shaun Frank, Cat Dealers, AVIRA, THEMBA, Thomas Newson, D.O.D. & Scorz

It’s New Music Friday! We released a bunch of amazing records in the past few weeks, and we’d love to highlight several of them to supercharge your weekend. This time, we’ve got brand-new tracks (and/or remixes) from the likes of Shaun Frank, Cat Dealers, AVIRA, THEMBA, Thomas Newson, D.O.D., Scorz as well as some incredible songs from artists such as Awae & Damned, Audio Dope, Marc Volt & Tony Romera

Shaun Frank & Tony Romera - Crazy

Fizzing, infectious and a little bit daft, Shaun Frank and Tony Romera’s first-ever collaborative effort on Armada Music is designed to set the mood in any kind of party environment. Sporting insane grooves, catchy vocals and a beat drop that sends minds reeling, ‘Crazy’ is as authentic as they come.

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Cat Dealers feat. HAVENN - Scars

Hot on the heels of their recent collab with Guz Zanotto and Moore called ‘Save Me Now’, Cat Dealers come up trumps with their first 2021 release featuring HAVENN on Armada Music. An emotion-stricken record that juggles silky vocal tones with heavy bass grinds and thrilling grooves, ‘Scars’ is sure to leave its mark on the dance music world.

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AVIRA feat. Grace Ackerman - Run To You (Original Mix)

Sought after since the release of the unmistakable gorgeous Unplugged Mix at the start of the new year, AVIRA and Grace Ackerman’s ‘Run To You’ has come to see the light of day in its original form. Chock-full of emotional charge wrapped in AVIRA’s signature melodic techno sound, this record is sure to resonate with listeners across the dance music space.

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THEMBA feat. Thakzin - Sound Of Freedom

The first track taken from THEMBA’s upcoming album, ‘Sound Of Freedom’ ticks all the boxes of an unforgettable listening experience. Starting off with flawless piano tones and rhythmic staccato strings before deep-diving into Thakzin’s beat-driven vocal warmth, this 10-plus-minute slice of wonder opens up a whole world of new possibilities for all willing to let the music guide them.

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Thomas Newson & Marc Volt - Raining On

Getting its groove on like someone born and bred on the dance floor, Thomas Newson & Marc Volt’s debut collab is able to supercharge any dance music environment. With rich, riled-up rhythms and vocals that bear a bit of an old-school edge, ‘Raining On’ is the kind of record you’d instantly turn up the volume for.

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B-15 Project feat. Crissy D & Lady G – Girls Like Us (D.O.D Remix)

Delivering his own House-infused version of B-15 Project’s ‘Girls Like Us’, D.O.D shows why he’s one to watch across the dance music realm. With thick drums, stepping bass and gorgeous piano harmonies lifting up the iconic vocals of Crissy D and Lady G, this remix from the U.K. creator is the kind of record you’d be going nuts to for hours on end.

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Dubvision x Afrojack - Back To Life (Scorz Remix)

Presenting a rich and musical soundscape as his version of DubVision and Afrojack’s 2019 collab, Scorz shows exactly why he's one to watch. Musically impeccable and melodically flawless, his edit of ‘Back To Life’ gets more and more empowering with every listen.

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Awae & Damned feat. Layna - Hold Me (Rainrain Remix)

Alternating between mesmerizing piano play, Layna’s warm vocals and intricate rhythms that rouse all who hear, the Rainrain remix of ‘Hold Me’ is as special and authentic as they come. A beautiful reimagination of the original record of Awae & Damned, this version is more than welcome in the home of The Bearded Man.

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Pablo Nouvelle - Saltburn (Audio Dope Remix)

The result of remix swapsies, this gorgeous new version of ‘Saltburn’ sees Swiss producer Audio Dope shine a different light on Pablo Nouvelle’s ‘Saltburn’. Adding to the organic qualities of the original record with gritty beats, mesmerizing piano tones and sliced vocals, this remix expertly tickles the imagination at every turn.

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