New Music By Felon, Beatchuggers, AVIRA, Tom Staar, Nicolas Healg & Scorz

It’s New Music Friday! We released a bunch of amazing records in the past few week, and we’d love to highlight several of them to supercharge your weekend. This time, we’ve got brand-new tracks (and/or remixes) from the likes of Felon, Beatchuggers, AVIRA, Tom Staar as well as some incredible songs from artists such as Nicolas Healg, Scorz, Earth N Days & The Best Of The Bearded Man.

Felon feat. EKE - Fine Lines

From the dreamy, vocal-led intro to the brisk beats and effervescent piano chords, Felon’s ‘Fine Lines’ sketches out the foundation of a phenomenal listening experience. Featuring EKE, this record expertly underlines what we already know: that Felon’s production capabilities are out of this world.

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The Best Of The Bearded Man

After spending a well-deserved holiday counting out the two-billion-plus streams his label’s releases clocked up over the past few years, The Bearded Man is back with a full set of new releases and a beard that looks even more majestic than before. And what better way to celebrate this fresh start than by launching the first-ever ‘The Best Of The Bearded Man’ album.

Including fifteen tracks from label tastemakers such as Boy Kiss Girl, Clément Leroux, Dennis Kruissen and of course Lost Frequencies, this selection of proven favorites is designed to set the mood and catapult all fans of The Bearded Man into the label’s long-anticipated second chapter.

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Beatchuggers - Forever Man (How Many Times) (Earth N Days Remix)

Twenty years after soaring to a Top 30 spot in the U.K., Beatchuggers’ cover of Eric Clapton’s ‘Forever Man’ is getting revisited by none other than Earth n Days. With the duo’s Funky House signature sound sent into overdrive, this remix will have listeners ecstatically spinning and swirling across their room as if nothing else matters.

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AVIRA feat. Grace Ackerman - Run To You (AVIRA's Unplugged Mix)

Led by the gorgeous vocals of Grace Ackerman, this version of AVIRA’s ‘Run To You’ is the next twinkle of brilliance in the Canadian act’s Unplugged series. Featuring only minimal beats to keep full focus on the breathtaking vocal tones and emotive piano tones, this track is sure to strike a chord in listeners worldwide.

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Armin van Buuren feat. Duncan Laurence - Feel Something (Tom Staar Remix)

Having already proven his remix capabilities on countless other occasions, Armada Music resident Tom Staar is set to wreak havoc again with a signature interpretation of Armin van Buuren and Duncan Laurence’s latest collab. Drawing from the darkest reaches of the Techno space, this incredible twist gives all kinds of dance music lovers another reason to ‘Feel Something’.

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Nicolas Haelg feat. Marie Beeckman - Gravity (2021 Edit)

Right on time for the return of The Bearded Man, Nicolas Haelg comes up trumps with a fresh version of his 2015 release. With an added funk feel and more uptempo grooves on top of the soulful vibes and authentic vocals of Marie Beeckman, this 2021 edit of ‘Gravity’ is designed to pull listeners in big time. Listen Now

John O'Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Scorz Remix)

Unleashing his trademark sound onto John O’Callaghan and Sarah Howells’ renowned classic, Scorz shows exactly why he’s currently making waves as one of dance music’s hottest new talents. With touches of melodic techno and deep-digging grooves complementing the iconic vocals, this suspenseful reimagination of ‘Find Yourself’ has all the hallmarks of an evergreen record as well.

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