New Music By AVIRA, MAKJ, Tom Staar, Richard Judge & The ASOT Yearmix 2020

It’s New Music Friday! We released a bunch of amazing records in the past few week, and we’d love to highlight several of them to supercharge your weekend. This time, we’ve got brand-new tracks (and/or remixes) from the likes of AVIRA, MAKJ, Tom Staar, Richard Judge & The ASOT Yearmix 2020 as well as some incredible songs from artists such as Billy Hendrix, Afro Medusa, Aquadrop, Melosense, and more.


A State Of Trance Year Mix 2020 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)

Looking back, we can only emphasize how strange of a year it’s been. The global pandemic helped realize how important it is to look out for one another, that standing together is the only way to make a difference. Now more than ever, the A State Of Trance community is a beacon, a guiding light that can help people move forward knowing that there will always be someone or something to fall back on. And that empowering message of support and unity threads through the entirety of the brand-new ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2020’ mix album.

Seamlessly mixed by Armin van Buuren himself for the seventeenth time in a row, this latest edition of the acclaimed A State Of Trance Year Mix series shows that inspiration can spark no matter the situation. Featuring more than a hundred breathtaking creations from some of the most esteemed acts in Trance and Progressive, this mix album fully represents the power of music and how it can be an outlet for those who need it, creators and listeners alike.

We invite you all to dive wholeheartedly into the wondrous creations of Above & Beyond, Aly & Fila, Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Paul van Dyk and other extraordinary artists, all interlocked in a gorgeous two-hour mix. And when life takes a turn back into the ordinary again, this year mix will serve as a constant reminder that we’re all in this together.

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AVIRA - Miracles

Sought after since the earlier release of its Unplugged Mix, ‘Miracles’ is the next track to come from Canadian tastemaker AVIRA. Sporting a heavier sound than its unplugged counterpart, this track interlocks wondrous chord progressions, deep bass grinds and soaring vocals to maximize its replay value in every kind of dance music environment.

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MAKJ + JYYE - Promises

Following the incredible ‘Green Light’, MAKJ links up with JYYE for his second-ever release on Armada Music. With a set of dark vocals threading through the suspenseful builds and arpeggio-driven drops, ‘Promises’ is the kind of record that’ll have you coming back for more time after time.

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ARSBJKT148 Artwork

Armada Subjekt - Best Of 2020

Rounding up an eventful and peculiar year, Armada Subjekt’s ‘Best Of 2020’ album spotlights the label’s most tantalizing releases from the past twelve months. Packed with numerous groove-garnished tracks from scene mainstays such as Dale Howard, Francisco Allendes, Hannah Wants, Mat.Joe and Robosonic, this end-of-the-year selection is the perfect way to leave the worries of 2020 behind and start the new year on a high note.

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ARMAS1809 R1

Tom Staar feat. Leo Stannard - U + I (Tom Staar's Bliss Mix)

Centered around the unmistakable allure of the original track, the Bliss Mix of Tom Staar’s ‘U + I’ exudes a sense of serenity that pulls listeners in right away. With the vocals of Leo Stannard oozing warmth and hope on a backdrop of gentle grooves and melodic wonder, this track is simply pure bliss.

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Richard Judge - Kinda Love (2021 Edit)

Over three years after the song’s original release, Richard Judge proudly presents the 2021 version of ‘Kinda Love’. Rewrapped into a wondrous blend of heartfelt lyrics, emotive vocals and tender melodies, this reimagination of the 2017 record is an absolute treat to the ear that’s sure to win over today’s crowds.

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Billy Hendrix - Body Shine (Remixes)

Ten years after first making its mark on Armada Music, Billy Hendrix’s ‘Body Shine’ shoots back into the contemporary. Including fresh reimaginations from Three ‘N One and Betoko, a previously released remix from Harry Romero and the original version, this remix package makes for a groove spectacle that complements all kinds of dance music flavors.

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ARMAS1874 Artwork

Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Remixes, Pt. 2)

Written during his U.S. bus tour, Armin van Buuren's ‘Should I Wait’ lyrically reflects on the struggles of relationships that aren’t all rainbows and sunshine. Paired with the touching piano tones and sensitive beats that underscore the track’s emotional feel, this pure and honest ballad with Avalan is the next single to prove Armin van Buuren’s versatility as a creator.

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Aquadrop - Dark Space

Getting their trademark touches out there with their contest-winning rendition of ‘Walk Away’, S.I.D have well and truly made waves in Asher Postman and Armada University’s recent remix opportunity. Repurposing Annelisa Franklin’s stirring vocals to match the unique production capabilities and musical twists that define their sound, the U.K. duo has gone and crafted up a delightful remix that sports tons of replay value.

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Melosense - Explore

A bit more up-tempo than your usual Christmas carol, this brand-new of Dennis Kruissen’s ‘Falling In Love’ perfectly embodies the fun and enthusiasm that comes with the holiday cheer and the unwrapping of presents. Add to that a mug of hot cocoa and soft blanket and you’re set for a magical night.

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DJ Katta, Matt Petrone, Yan Kings - You're Not Alone

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The highly anticipated A State Of Trance Year Mix 2020 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) is out now!

The highly anticipated A State Of Trance Year Mix 2020 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) is out now!

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