New Music By Autograf, Mistajam, Ferry Corsten & Le Youth

It’s New Music Friday! We released a bunch of amazing records in the past few week, and we’d love to highlight several of them to supercharge your weekend. This time, we’ve got brand-new tracks (and/or remixes) from the likes of Autograf, MistaJam, Ferry Corsten, Le Youth, W&W as well as some incredible songs from artists such as Scooter, KC Lights, ADE Subjekt, Anelisa Lamola and more.

Autograf - The Ace Of You [ALBUM]

Hotly anticipated since the release of ‘Ain’t Deep Enough’ as the first album tease, Autograf’s ‘The Ace Of You’ is more than just an 11-track narrative with musicality in spades. As much the story of Autograf themselves as it can be for anyone else, this magnificent debut album touches on the highs and lows of life as if it were the cycles of a moon, telling a story shared by all.

From recently released singles such as ‘Space’ (feat. Kole), ‘Waiting’ (with Scorsi) and ‘Undivided’ to never-heard-before album tracks such as ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ and ‘Walk With You’ (with Janelle Kroll), ‘The Ace Of You’ is about making the most of the hand you’re dealt, whether it starts off as a challenge or not. You only have one life to live, and it’s up to you to make that story beautiful.

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MistaJam feat. Anelisa Lamola - Party

MistaJam is relentless on his mission to galvanize the speakers, perfectly illustrated by his latest release, ‘Party’. With the endlessly cool funk stabs and a driving disco beat, this already jam-hot track is elevated by the incredible, soulful, Jazz-infused vocals of Anelisa Lamola, rounding off another ultimate Dance NRG anthem.

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Ferry Corsten feat. Lovlee - Our Moon

Ferry Corsten continues to explore his wide spectrum of music with a new vocal record to say goodbye to what may has been the strangest summer of the century.
"Our Moon", featuring the magical vocals of Lovlee, has this melancholic feel to all we have missed this year yet empowering at the same time. Where did our summer go? That’s all we want to know.

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Armada Music ADE 2020

Le Youth - Other Voices

Basking in the radiance of the delightful melodies at its core, Le Youth’s long-anticipated debut record on Armada Music brings to light a breathtaking soundscape. From the gorgeous chord progressions to the ethereal vocal effects that hook listeners at every turn, ‘Other Voices’ makes for an unparalleled listening experience that oozes warmth, sophistication and sheer beauty.

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Armada Subjekt In House ADE Sessions 2020

ADE Subjekt In-House ADE Sessions 2020

Brandishing the sound bites of label regulars and several other tastemakers during this atypical Amsterdam Dance Event, Armada Subjekt ups the ante with a thirty-track selection that delivers gritty grooves at all times. Spotlighting the works of artists like Ferreck Dawn, Francisco Allendes, Hannah Wants, Mambo Brothers, Robosonic and Steve Lawler, ‘Armada Subjekt In-House ADE Sessions’ makes for an electrifying musical experience best enjoyed in-house.

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W&W x AXMO feat. SONJA - Rave Love

A sonic thrill that knows no equal, W&W’s brand-new collab with ‘The Mind’ producer AMXO and vocalist SONJA has the Rave Culture mark stamped all over it. With fast-paced beats, uplifting vocals and synths that tailspin into the night, ‘Rave Love’ is that record any Rave Culture fan will fall head over heels in love with.

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